Thursday, August 9, 2012

every new beginning is some other beginning's end

it's been awhile. a lot has happened since a month ago. 

i've been doing some traveling (i'm currently in the lovely ann arbor, michigan).
i got an impulse haircut (got sick of my hair and barged desperately into a random salon).
i have left my job and am now among the ranks of the gainfully funemployed!
i packed up my house in minneapolis in preparation for my move to ...NEW YORK CITY! this move will end two years of long distance relationshipping with the BF! we will finally be in the same city again!
and all because: i'm going back to school!!
yes! i have weaseled my way back into school, to get my MBA. columbia very graciously (and probably very reluctantly) let me in to start this fall.
i'm a little bit excited and a lottle bit terrified. i'm hoping the emotion ratio flips at some point, but until then, i will continue to do irrational things in the name of stress relief. ie eating until comatose and shopping at outlet malls for days at a time.
oh wait no, that's about par for the course. 

my brother will also be going back to school for his MBA. he is the reason i'm hanging out in ann arbor! these recent events have come as big news to my parents. they say that they are proud, but we both know what it really is. 
it is relief. 
my brother and i will no longer be the only children in the family without graduate degrees. finally, they sigh gratefully to each other. finally, we won't have to sit around idly while everyone brags about how many diplomas their kids have. 

having finally brought honor to our family, my brother and i are now both preparing to regress into the impoverished lifestyle of being full-time students again. my brother's apartment is actually pretty nice, if you overlook the vacuum cleaner box he uses as a nightstand. or the fact that he set up his bed in his living room because he refuses to spend money on a couch. and this way, he explains, he doesn't have to furnish the actual bedroom. BRILLIANCE.

anyway. ultimately, what this means is that i will be abandoning this blogspace. it's been two and a half years of randomness, and i've loved it, but after lots of deliberating, i've realized that i will be unable to dedicate the kind of time i'll need to keep this thing updated.

trust me: it's not you. it's me.

this is not to say that i will give up crafting altogether forever and ever amen. i will probably go through withdrawal and still post occasionally. 
but i do want to thank you guys for reading all my ridiculousness over the past two years. it's been fantastic "meeting" blogging and crafting friends through this blog, and i love getting emails from those of you trying the projects posted here. thanks to everyone who has ever commented on, emailed about, tweeted, pinterested or created any of my projects. you guys are the best. =)

thanks so much.


painted fish studio said...

i will miss running into randomly in minneapolis! (granted, it only happened 2 times but both were pretty cool.) best of luck with your MFA! and i'm so jealous of your move to NYC - it's my favorite city ever. just not sure i want to downsize as much as i'd need to to afford to live there... anyway, GOOD LUCK!

Laura said...

Good luck with everything! I'm hoping you'll still have time to pop in a couple times a year with a lovely random update?

Arintys said...

Oh, I've loved reading your blog posts over the past two years, so if you ever have time, do post a few updates now and then :)
Best of luck in your studies next year, and congrats for getting into the MBA program!

Anonymous said...

I will miss you and your adorable crafty silly funness!! <3 Good luck in NYC!!

Matt Chu said...

You will not bring honor to your family until you get medical degree. Congrats Alena and best of luck to you.

Can we see a pic of your new haircut? One last post?

Alex said...

The only way I'm able to accept that you're ending this blog is that we'll be neighbors, and WE can finally end our long-distance relationship. After all, it's all about US.

xo, Alex

SpiritPhoenix said...

I'm going to miss all your crafty-wonderful-ness.

I'm hoping you'll pop in every now and then to spread some sunshine on my blog reading list. Until then, have fun in A2. I work in Ypsi. So we're neighbors, if only for a day or two. ;)

Meream said...

Happy trails! Don't be gone too long now :)

SWAG Boutique said...

Best wishes!!! Now you'll be a hop, skip, & away from philly!

Anji* said...

Congratulations on starting a new chapter in your life! wishing you all the best with your studies :)

Ann Martin said...

I don't know how in the world I missed this post until now, but I hope the move was an easy one (much easier than to Philly, that's for sure!) and that your first semester went well. I bet you're still crafting from time to time and just maybe you won't be able to resist posting. Maybe? :) Be well, Alena!

Unknown said...

I love that song! Words of wisdom! But yeah I remember saying that as I heard the bells ring at my older brothers wedding! - 72 avenue

Unknown said...

thanks for the awesome info on bell - . I love hearing about it from niagara square!

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