Tuesday, July 3, 2012

ROUNDUP: carnation projects

so, after making last (last) week's cupcake flower, i realized that carnations seem to be the pigeons of the flower world. they are plentiful and everywhere, low maintenance and poop on statues.

or whatever.

anyway, since scarcity breeds value, it seems like carnations seem to get the short end of the stick in the flower world. because it's so common, people don't get that excited about them.

let this be a life lesson: do not make yourself too widely available lest you devalue yourself, and quit crapping on statues.

as a homage to the humble carnation, i decided to do a round-up of carnation projects. there are so many things you can do with these things!

carnation collage 

1. carnation puppy bouquets: I KNOW, RIGHT?? these things are SO CUTE.
2 and 3. hello kitty bouquets: this one is kind of cheating, since i've posted about them before (my attempt is here) but does that make them any less awesome? no. no, it does not.
3. carnation heart: i don't know why cutting off people's heads in engagement pictures makes it more artistic, but it totally does. plus, when you have such an epic carnation heart to focus on, who wants to look at distracting faces? besides, the people you are giving these pictures to already know what you look like anyway.
4. carnation initial: so classy. much classier than making an initial out of pigeons.
5. ombre carnation backdrop: so simple yet SO COOL.

tomorrow is july 4th!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMERICA! you don't look a day over 25!


Ann Martin said...

You're right! Carnations don't get nearly enough respect, but they're SO useful. I even love the way they smell, except lots of people say they have no scent. The puppies are adorable!

Meream said...

These made me smile :)

Latiendadelasflores said...

Los claveles son flores que no se les ha dado el valor que merecen, por que se utilizan normalmente para arreglos funerarios y a la gente le da un poco de yuyu regalarlos, aunque siempre hay personas que los tiene como flores preferidas.

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