Thursday, June 21, 2012

TUTORIAL: cupcake liner carnations

if you want to really disappoint your roommates, pull out some cupcake liners, watch their eyes light up, and then announce that you're going to make paper flowers out of them.

works every time.

so, just know that this tutorial was made from the shattered dreams of my cupcake-hopeful roommates.
let's begin!

cupcake liners (each carnation uses between 8-10 liners)
fake stamens (fairly optional. you and you alone have the power to bestow fake reproductive powers upon your fake flowers.)
some sort of stem-like object (i used some bamboo bbq skewers that i found in our silverware drawer. less than ideal, but times are hard, alright? lay off me.)
florist tape


1. flatten out the cupcake liners and punch a hole in the center of each one.
somehow, i lost a red cupcake liner from the materials photo.

2. using florist tape, attach your fake stamens to the end of your stem/skewer. if you are choosing to make sterile flowers, you can tape a tiny wad of tissue paper at the end of the stem.
this step ensures that your cupcake liners won't come flailing off the end of the stem during construction.

3. next, slide your flattened liners onto the stem and start artistically scrunching.

4. once you have scrunched enough liners on your stem, use florist tape to secure the last liner to the stem.
ok, i used a little bit of glue here, too.

5. admire. maybe stick them in a mini vase and take pictures of them.


painted fish studio said...

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Ana Laura De Romero said...

so beautiful =) thanks

Ashley said...

Love these!!! So simple and pretty.

BellsInSpires said...

thanks! so glad y'all liked it! :D makes the tragedy of being cupcake-less so worth it! ;)

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