Friday, May 11, 2012

TUTORIAL: flower seed mini vials

happy fridayyyyyy!

the BF's mom gave me some seeds that she had hand harvested last summer and dried over the winter. after the seeds had dried, she gathered them in a paper envelope and tucked them into everyone's easter basket this year. such a good idea!

however, since i rent a place with limited yard space, my flower planting abilities are severely hampered. so i decided to make some flower seed mini vials.
then i took pictures so you can, too.


glass vials
tissue paper
string or embroidery thread
mini leaf paper punch
green paper
thin strip of paper


ready?? ok.
1. take your glass vial and fill with seeds.

2. cut a square of tissue paper, big enough to cover the top of your vial.

3. cut a length of string or thread and tie it around the neck of the vial, securing the tissue paper over the vial's opening.

4. using your leaf paper punch, punch out a mini tag and tie it your vial.


5. to further identify the seeds, i made some nameflags. like nametags, but more patriotic and banner-like. write the seed names out on your thin strip of paper, and glue to a toothpick.



you could give them out as favors, or maybe have them double as placecards!


this arrangement makes it much more difficult for people to take home, what with the open dish of rice and all. but whatever. that's for guests to figure out. you've done your part.

a last note: the tag is important. the little green leaf signifies that what is contained inside the vial is plant life. the nameflag is even more helpful. 
because without the tags and flags, all you'd have is an unidentified mini vial full of what looks suspiciously like...

mouse turds.

if you learn nothing else from me ever, please take away this fact:
no one likes very few people like to be given a mini vial of what looks like mouse poo.

juuuuuuust sayin.
happy friday!


Ann said...

"you've done your part" hahaha Thanks for the best laugh I've enjoyed all morning. :D Such cute little vials and I love your lettering.

Katie (Lemon Jitters) said...


BellsInSpires said...

=) thanks Ann! yeah, i really really really really love those vials. good thing i have six bajillion of them. they are so handy!

thanks Katie! =)

Anji* said...

Very cute indeed, even if they do look like vials of mouse turds! lol

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