Friday, May 25, 2012

Nate Bihlmaier

normally, i don't talk a lot about what goes on in the day to day of my life because, frankly, everyone has better things to do than to read about that. but events this week have struck me so deeply that i'm finding it hard to recover. and it is impossible to share this week's happiness without addressing this week's tragedy.

yesterday, the BF graduated from harvard business school, and i'm so unspeakably proud of him. but an event that should be full of elation and excitement will instead be celebrated with a deep undercurrent of grief. one of the BF's section mates and friends, Nate Bihlmaier, drowned in portland, maine this past weekend. divers recovered his body on tuesday morning. to make things even worse, Nate's beautiful wife, Nancy, is expecting their first child.

this week has been a blur of shock, uncertainty, and then devastation. it's such a senseless tragedy that it's hard to come to terms with it. the entire class is heartbroken. the ceremony yesterday honored nate and presented his diploma to his parents and wife.

it's a stark reminder of how quickly life can change.

harvard's business school classes are one of the largest, at 900 students. the class is divided into sections of 90 students each, and first year classes are taken as a section. as a result, the sections become very close-knit. it's been amazing to see how the BF and the rest of Nate's section mates have rallied around Nate's family, and drawn strength from one another. the shared grief has been palpable throughout this week, but so has the love and support for each other.

congratulations, HBS class of 2012.
we miss you so much, Nate.


Anonymous said...

my heart and prayers go out to his family ~Catherine

Ann said...

So very sorry to read this - cannot imagine the pain his family and friends are in.

Congratulations to the bf - what a wonderful accomplishment.

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