Thursday, April 12, 2012

easter recap

yeah, what's up now, easter bunny??

i know i'm completely tardy to the easter-egg picture-posting party, but that's why this is a recap, and not a preview. that makes it ok, right?

easter weekend was spent in wisconsin, with the BF's family. i love wisconsin. i know a lot of midwesterners don't like texans (i know, right?? can you even imagine? something about being arrogant and having too much state pride. i was too busy dreaming about blue bell ice cream and remembering the alamo to really pay attention when they were talking. anyway, what's wrong with loving your homestate way more than is sensible for no particular reason, other than because it's awesome?) during the week, the BF's mom mentioned that she had boiled a few eggs that we could dye. when i arrived in wisconsin, i realized that "a few" actually meant "4 dozen."


so we got to gettin' and dyed ourselves some pretty fine eggs.

we made some eggs that would make bob ross proud:


we made trendy ombre eggs:


and lest we forget what state we're in, we made green bay packers eggs:


there were love note eggs:


and geometric, bespeckled, and striped eggs:


we even got ambitious, and tie-dyed some eggs, using silk ties:

aren't they beautiful??
that's because i didn't allow the ugly ones into the picture.

so it was a pretty fantastic weekend for me. hopefully it was just as stupendous for you.


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Your eggs turned out beautiful, I am sure you all made wonderful memories creating them.

Ann Martin said...

Your eggs are fun and the silk tie pretties are amazing! I wanted to try that, but never got around to it - but having seen yours, I must!

Anonymous said...

Tie dyed eggs! Awesome idea. They turned out so pretty! Did you punch the yolk out and save them?

Anji* said...

Awesome!! I love your rainbow ombre eggs and tie-dyed ones the most. I wanted to make some tie-dye eggs this year but we didn't get to it :( But hey - I figure I've got a whole year now to collect lots of silk prints and we can make loads next year! The kids did have their first go at painting hard-boiled eggs with food colouring - which they loved! :)

Eric said...

Bob Ross reference. +1000

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