Thursday, April 5, 2012

cufflinks and cross-dressing

one of the perks of being a girl is that you constantly get to cross-dress, and it's totally socially acceptable. if a dude showed up to work in a skirt, legally no one could say anything, but you know. it'd be weird. which sucks for dudes, because i find skirts to be way more comfortable than pants.

the same cannot be said for heels and dress shoes, but i've made my obsession with shoes quite clear here. you can pry them off my cold dead feet before i'd give up high heels. i know. they give you bunions, screw up your spinal alignment, shorten your tendons, jack up your credit score, play their music way too loud and stay up way too late. i don't care. i still love them. i wear sunscreen everyday and eat all my vegetables. so let me have my heels.

anyway. back to cross-dressing. when i was a child, my mother once wore a tie to work, and i was scandelized. "but MOMMY. ties are for BOYS." she very calmly asked me why ties had to just be for boys. why couldn't she wear whatever she wanted?
well. i had no answer to that. i was also not a very smart six year old, but that is beside the point here.
she also let my brother and i dress ourselves for school. as evidenced by old pictures, i was inordinately fond of velour jumpsuits and one particular embroidered vest. i looked like a mini genie all the time. my mother began to monitor our wardrobe choices more closely when she discovered that my brother had gotten dressed for school one morning without taking off his pajamas.

mom: bao-bei, why are you still wearing your pajamas??
my brother: because. it's what firefighters do.
mom: children are idiots.

i have since outgrown my genie look, but sometimes, when i'm feeling particularly dexterous in the morning, i'll wear a tie to work. just because i can.
but one thing i still haven't tried to pull off yet are cufflinks. so i made myself some girly ones this week.

here's what i started with:


and after some chiyogami paper and clear resin, here's what i ended with:



now all i have to do is find myself a french cuff shirt.


Meream said...

That's clever! They ended up pretty! :)

BellsInSpires said...

aw thanks, Meream! =)

SEO said...

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