Thursday, March 8, 2012

TUTORIAL: papered tile coasters

oh heyyyyy


i made some coasters!
for you, obviously.
here, i'll teach you how to make them. 
ready? ok let's do this.

ceramic tiles: the size is up to you. maybe you want gigantasaurus coasters. 
or doll house sized ones. 
who am i to hinder your tile size choosing? no one. so go, be free. 
but don't forget to come back so i can tell you the rest of the tutorial.
pretty paper, trimmed to fit on top of your tiles
some felt, cut into tile-sized squares
a glue brush
and the always magical MOD PODGE


a note about the tiles: get them from a home improvement store. they are super cheap. i got mine for 16 cents each. plus, home improvement stores always smell like wood and house paint. 
which is awesome, obviously.

ok! are you ready??


1. mod podge your paper to the top of the tile.

2. mod podge your felt to the bottom of the tile.

3. mod podge a layer or two over your paper. let dry. 

are you still with me?
ok, good. because this last step is the MOST IMPORTANT STEP OF ALL.

4. step back and admire your handiwork. revel in your craftiness. roll around in it. and when people ask you where you got your gloriously  amazing coasters, you can casually sip some wine and toss your hair and tell them, "oh, those? i made those. NO BIG DEAL." 
if you're a dude, you can drop the same line after shotgunning a beer and belching.

isn't that what all guys do?

anyway, all gender stereotypes aside, this project is ideal for a crafty potluck. making it a potluck is critical. especially if you have friends that make homemade hummus and crock pot pumpkin cake.



and here are the masterpieces that resulted:



aren't they so cute??
hope everyone had a great week!


Laura said...

Very impressive! Reminds me of Rice Krispie squares (you know, how they seem like a lot of work but are actually really easy). :)

Anonymous said...

Love the coasters...but where did u get the polar bear mug?

BellsInSpires said...

hahah Laura, awesome analogy!

@Anonymous: i got the mug at some random trinket shop in's one of my favorites =)

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