Thursday, March 1, 2012

chiyogami covered buttons

hey there party people.


(to be sung to the tune of butter peanut jelly time)

there are few things more compelling to me than a clearance bin at a craft store. i absolutely stand no chance around them, and will end up buying ridiculous things simply because they are on clearance. even if i am not quite sure what they are.
it's an act driven by a clear lack of rational thought.
look, it happens, right?
it's like love at first sight, or reese's peanut butter pieces.
some things just can't be denied.

anyway, during a recent trip to the craft store, i became intrigued by a button covering kit languishing in the clearance section. this was the conversation that ensued in my head:

me: hey self, what the heck is a button covering kit?
self: i have no idea. the potential for cute seems pretty high, though.
me: well, and it IS in the clearance section...
self: which obviously means we'll need to buy all of them.
me: done.

so, that's how i became the proud owner of about a dozen button covering kits.



while the roommate watched the absurdly inept programming that masquerades as the local news here on tv (seriously, have you guys seen the minneapolis local news? we're fairly certain that at least one of the anchors is completely bombed every night.), i decided to learn how to cover some buttons.
so i dug out some leftover fabric and covered my first button.



so...that was fun.
but you know what would make it better? PAPER.
so then i tried it with some scraps of chiyogami paper.


even more magical!

just think of the POTENTIAL! mod podge these suckers up and then you can make hair pins, magnets, rings, could glue them to shoes, use them to fasten journals, gather them up and throw them at people...the list is infinite.
so, you know what i'll be doing for the rest of the week. #easilyobsessed

hope everyone's week was magically fantastic.


Laura said...

Very cool! I'd been wondering about covering buttons with chiyogami but never got around to trying it, obviously I should!!!

painted fish studio said...

i looooooove this idea! i have a little collection of chiyogami papers and must do this!

Ashley said...

Do you mean "peanut butter jelly time"? Butter peanut jelly time works, too :o)

Erica said...

omg love!!!!!!!!!!!!

BellsInSpires said...

@Laura - you should! it's super easy. also very addicting. =)

@jen - thanks! i want to see when you do, esp if you take pics with your polaroid film!

@Ashley - hahah! this is what happens when you blog at 2:30am with no sleep. i'm keeping it butter peanut jelly time just to make myself giggle.

@Erica - hi lady! thanks! hope texas is treating you well!

Marite said...

Hey :)
thank you so much for lovely comment :)
I really love this idea - I was wondering how to make those beautiful buttons, so thank you so much for the post ^^


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