Thursday, February 2, 2012

TUTORIAL: chalkboard paint glasses

today's post is a long overdue tutorial. actually, it's kind of cheating to call it a tutorial. it's really just a series of pictures i took whilst painting on glass.
NONETHELESS. let's get to it.

what's that silver briefcase in the background, you say? that's a poker set.
it's not that i neglected to move it out of the picture. i placed it there as part of my artful staging process.
oh, and why is the coffeetable missing a corner? not because the beloved dog chewed it off.
it's all part of the aforementioned staging process.
it's art.
you wouldn't understand.

i was in the market for a classy gift a few months ago (you know, right before that insane holiday full of gift-giving and merriment) and came up with these. the glasses were for the BF's sister, who is a fourth grade teacher. she has phenomenal stories. anyway, since she's a guardian of america's youth, i thought the chalkboard motif was fairly appropriate.

these are pretty straightforward to make. here are the materials you'll need:

chalkboard paint
some sort of brush-like apparatus
contact paper


1. create a stencil with your contact paper by cutting out a fun shape from it.


2. stick your contact paper onto your glass. if you're smarter than me (odds are good here, folks. really really good.) then you will not use a rounded glass like i did. make sure there are no egregious bubbles or crazy creases that will conceal and harbor paint underneath the contact paper.

one of the many great things about my roommates: they double as hand models.

3. using your brush (or whatever you're choosing to use), paint on a layer of chalkboard paint. let that layer dry. then paint another layer. then let it dry again.
let it dry thoroughly and don't mess with it while it's doing its drying thing. because then you'll get finger smudges all in the paint-that's-still-wet-even-though-it-looks-dry and you'll have to start all over again.

trust me.

4. once everything is dry, carefully peel off the contact paper.




5. wrap up glasses, tie up a bundle of chalk and you're good to give. or keep.
you know, whatever.


and that's it!
hope everyone is doing something awesome this weekend.
i get to go to texas!


Jessie H said...

Is this a handwash only item?

alena said...

Hi Jessie! yes, i'd handwash these pretty carefully. =)

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