Thursday, February 23, 2012

ROUNDUP: paper flowers

oh heyyyy

i am OBSESSED IN CAPSLOCK with paper flowers. i absolutely cannot get enough of them. and ever since pinterest entered my life, i have found it easier and easier to feed my crazy paper flower frenzy, which in turn just worsens the insanity.
it's an awful cycle.
i realize that some people have real problems, but these are the thoughts that i feel compelled to share with you right now, so get comfy.
in order to convey to you the depth of my paper flower love, i made you a roundup.

paper flower roundup

you're welcome.

moving from top to bottom, beginning on the left side:
1. monster paper flowers from 100 layer cake. these babies are pleated cardstock, and i love them. it's very alice in wonderland-esque, only without the homicidal playing card and teleporting cat. so, in other words: better.
2. fabric rose DIY over at how about orange. ok so she made it out of stiffened fabric, but i tried it with paper and it totally works. you know why? because paper is magical. 
that's why.
3. the wedding chicks posted this paper flower made from a pile of circles! the tutorial is so pretty i want to print it out and wallpaper my room with it. that weird?
4. good ole martha stewart has this DIY for cupcake liner flowers! the only way this would be better is if they somehow incorporated cupcakes into the flower.
5. oh happy day made these mini crepe paper flower favors for valentine's day. i want to be this woman's friend, if definitely only to benefit from her amazing gift ideas. plus she makes pinatas. seriously! 
6. fiskars has this punched paper flower project on their website. good job, fiskars. way to engage consumers outside the retail space and improve your total product offering by detailing benefits that increase your value proposition.
just saying.
7. coffee filter flowers from aunt peaches. this woman is crazy in an awesome way. just read the story that comes with the tutorial. 'nuff said.
8. i'm IN LOVE with this giant perfect crepe paper rose on green wedding shoes. IN LOVE. JUST LOOK AT IT! IT'S BEAUTIFUL.

well, i'm done yelling at you for now. hopefully you enjoyed it. 
anyone else have any other paper flower ideas that i can add to the collection of things that keep me up all night?
get at me.


Marite said...

hey :) that's a really great list of paper flower crafts :) thanks for sharing :)


Meagan said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I am the same way you are, paper flower obsessed ever since i got an account on pinterest. This list helps me sooooo much. I think we would be best friends if we were to meet.

Here are some more DIY fabric and paper flowers I've found:

BellsInSpires said...

hi meagan!! i love your pinterest boards and their names - hilariously descriptive! thanks so much for the flower links...i love love them.

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