Friday, February 17, 2012

light painting

happy valentine's week!
(i have until tuesday, right??)

while visiting friends in dallas a few weeks ago, we did some light painting!
what is light painting, you ask?
well, i'll show you.

L O V E white light
so cool, right?? we hung out in the garage, used a flash light and a loooooooooooong exposure.
beyond that, i have no idea how we did it. i have really brilliantly fun friends.

after flashlights, we graduated to SPARKLERS! because everything is always better with fire!
four hearts
it took us SO LONG to coordinate this picture.
sychronized sparkling isn't easy, folks.

then we figured out a way to draw in shapes and run out of the frame, leaving just the "painting." this led to some pretty awesome variations, including this one:

we seriously spent four hours in a dark garage, blowing through boxes of sparklers and flashlight batteries.

there wasn't even THAT much wine involved.

anyway. hope everyone's weekend is spectacular!
this weekend is chicago time for me!


Anonymous said...

Chicago dogs!!! Yum!!!

Laura said...

Very cool! sounds like a great way to spend an evening :)

Ann said...

How great is this?! You do indeed have brilliant friends.

Anji* said...

L O V E this, the photos are amazing, I can totally imagine the effort to synchronize those hearts, hats off to you and your brilliant friends :)
When we have sparklers I always get my kids to do a C and a O and it makes me happy that we happened to pick them names that begin with letters easy for kids to do with sparklers! ;)

BellsInSpires said...

@anonymous: right?? i may or may not have had two of them on sunday.

@Laura: it was awesome. who needs bars when you can hang out in a garage??

@Ann: yes. i love them. they are amazing.

@Anji: i remember being really nervous around sparklers as a child. your kids sound way braver than me!

Anonymous said...

that pac-man pic is AWESOME.

Erica said...

ahh soo cool!!! I love the pac man pic!!!

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