Tuesday, January 17, 2012


oh hey.

here are the things that i have been up to lately:
1. working on my wisconsin accent
2. eating
3. cursing windchill: -25 predicted for tomorrow, peeps.
4. eating some more
5. and OH YEAH we went to taiwan and hong kong!

here are some pictures.

this was the BF's first trip to taiwan, and he met the entire extended fam. he won my grandfather over with his superior chopstick skills and giant cheesehead offering. it was a cultural experience for everyone involved.

wisconsin and taiwan. together at least.

we went to taipei 101 to say hi to the damper babies


we walked along a road lined with booths exploding with cuteness



and we also ate. so. much. food.

we went out for hot pot one night and my cousin was in charge of ordering for everyone.
she has a bit of a sadistic streak.
the BF: wait, what is this?
cousin: oh that? that's a fish head.
the BF: hm. i might pass on this.
cousin: but i ordered it just for you!
the BF: oh. um...thanks?

i was sad to leave taiwan, but it meant that we were headed to hong kong, which made things a little better. we had some extra time before our flight, so we explored the airport for a bit.

we found a wall covered in plants and the internet.

the best combo ever.

then we found the HELLO KITTY GATE.

this is serious, people.

there were hello kitty embroidered seats. EMBROIDERED.


hello kitty payphones


hello kitty signage


and hello kitty wall paintings


it was insanity. i couldn't get enough.

then we got to our gate, and guess what??
it was covered in amazing pastel cascades of PAPER FLOWERS!



they had been cut by local artists using taiwanese paper. evidently, taiwan is a global player in paper production. COULD THIS ISLAND GET ANY MORE AWESOME.

ok enough yammering for today.
stay tuned for tomorrow's hong kong update.

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