Thursday, January 26, 2012

art shanties on medicine lake

happy thursday people!

this past weekend, we set off on an icy adventure and visited the art shanties on medicine lake. it was like a circus + eskimo renaissance fair.

in other words: awesome. 

there was an ice bike race

enthusiastically officiated by a furry green monster

an ice-top basketball court

hook shot suckaaaaas

homemade cardboard face-mounted reverse view cameras

the BF looking totally normal.
then again, there appears to be a dude holding a purse with legs in the background,
so maybe we just blended right in.

and crazy people dressed up like goats

oh wait, that's us.

naturally i was enamored with the letterpress shanty; the shanty run by the MCBA. it publishes a daily newspaper during weekends, using hand-set type and a hand-pulled press.

so cool!

we had a lot of fun, and the roommate even got some attitude from a peasant carrying a box of donuts. nothing tops the day off like a little bit of donut-induced attitude.

people in minneapolis: go! it's fun!

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