Thursday, December 1, 2011

packaging for ugly truffles

hallo there!

i've been on an oreo truffle making spree. namely because i can't get them to look like everyone else's beautiful perfectly chocolate dipped truffles, and this makes me sad. mine are ugly and lumpy and monstrous. but i persist, and end up with obscene amounts of truffles stored in various tupperware containers, stuffed in various corners of the fridge.

then i force them on the roommates.
they don't seem to mind.


ugh. they are so ugly.

someone suggested that i drizzle white chocolate on them. that is really smart, i thought. so that's what i did.

and you know what?
they were still ugly.


and do you know why?
because i suck at drizzling chocolate.

UGH. see?? gross.

so, then i said to myself: self, what ALWAYS works to make something way cuter than it really is?

it's true. you could wrap a rabid whale and people would fight tooth and nail over it. stick that thing in a kraft box and ribbon it up. instant allure! packaging never fails.
so i set the ugly truffles in silver baking cups and put them into plastic cubes.


look at these! that's party favor material!




Erica said...

HAHAHA love the packaging!!

as for the truffles... it's what on the inside that counts ;) and it all goes down the same way. nom.

Ann said...

Little works of art, that's what they are.

Nati said...

Nati from Brazil

BellsInSpires said...

@ Erica: thanks ma'am! it's true. even if they are ugly, they are still delicious.

@ Ann: it's really amazing how packaging elevates things.

@ Nati: hello! thanks so much!

cdizzy said...

Any recipe for said ugly truffles? :)

Gabi Lima said...

where did you buy the packaging?

Gabi Lima said...

where did you buy the packaging?

BellsInSpires said...

here's the link to the site:
hope that helps!

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