Sunday, December 25, 2011


remember that time i took the month off and forgot to tell you? that was fun, right?
wait what? you didn't like it? oh.


december has been crazy.
let's do a recap, shall we?

PARTYTIME: it's about that time of year.

the office holiday party
i was commissioned to make photo props for our office party, so i glued some paper together.


while i was on the paper prop on a stick making binge, i made a few of these as well:


perfect for creating awkward moments at your next office holiday party! 
sadly, these were deemed inappropriate and left at home.
being mature is such a drag sometimes.

every year, the roommates and i throw a nondenominational party with subtle holiday undertones. it's a potluck feast. the roommate made his legendary roast turkey, and key players brought a ham and pork roast. i contributed jello shots. nearly 200 of them. because i am nothing but a classy broad. 
if you are as freakishly obsessed with making jello shots as i am, you need to check out the amazing jelly shot test kitchen. it's based in minneapolis! i obviously will need to find these people and be friends with them.
the festivus jello shot menu included: cosmo, margarita, french lemonade, fuzzy navel, and santa's hat. there was also the bells in spires original sweet tea vodka lemon jello shot.
mine were nowhere near as beautiful as the JSTK's, as i maintained a strict no garnish rule.
my jello shots are purely functional.

ladies night ornament party
anytime you're feeling bored on a wednesday night, invite 24 girls over for an ornament exchange. make sure everyone is fairly competitive and add some wine. BAM. party time.
we spent several good hours fighting over the popular ornaments, which included a mini gnome, a pair of safari-couture cowboy boots, and a christmas platypus.
the roommates spent the evening huddled in the safety of their rooms. when the house cleared out, they deemed it safe enough to emerge and happily cleaned up the metric ton of leftover appetizers and desserts.

PROJECTS: let's DIY, you guys!

ornament painting
one night after work, a few of us got together to eat food, drink wine and paint ornaments. i started out really ambitious and then lost motivation halfway through my ornament. so now i have a half painted ornament.


vintage teacup candles
want to make your lunchtime awesome? go to an antique mall! then become mildly obsessed with vintage teacups and buy a bunch to take home and make into candles.


chalkboard cups
tutorial to come.


sewing class
a group of us signed up for a sewing class at the amazing crafty planet in northeast minneapolis, and it was ridiculously fun. at the end of several hours, countless broken threads and minor injuries, we ended up with several SUPER cute tote bags.

tote bags
are we not legit or what??

i've also been etching glass for christmas presents and making custom journal orders. if i had remembered to take pictures, i bet that would make things much more interesting for you.
but i didn't. sooo...that sucks.

LIFE NEWS: big stuff going on.
the BF and i are going to taiwan and hong kong! i'm super pumped. i'm excited that the BF is going to meet the extended family. the BF is excited to see the taiwan that i gush so much about. my dad is excited to torture the BF with stinky tofu and sea cucumber. fun all around!

ok, but the really big life news: MY LITTLE BROTHER IS ENGAGED!! YAYYYYYYY!
i'm going to have a sister-in-law! i am beside myself. i'm so happy i can't even see straight.

ok, merry christmas!


Kat said...


Anonymous said...

Love these, Alena! The ornament is beautiful!! Even though it's 1/2 way painted, haha. Hope you're having a beautiful holiday!

Alex said...

This post was almost too much for me to handle with all the new party ideas and fancy photos and CHALKBOARD CUPS?! Fine. It's cool, it's cool. BUT THEN you break the news out about A. Hoooooly crap. This IS too much for me to handle! And that's so awesome that "the BF" is going to Taiwan and HK with you. Tell him that he'll never get to eat so many delicious stinky tofu and intestine dishes all at one time in his life.

geo said...

I almost died reading your last paragraph... that's huge! It calls for big time celebrations. Thank you for sharing! hope you had a blast in Taiwan.

Erica said...

hahahaha your blogs are so funny!! I love the jello shots! & the ornament exchange was so much fun :)

BellsInSpires said...

@Kat: engagements left and right!

@Autumn: thanks, lady!

@Alex: the BF survived and had fun!

@geo: i KNOW right?? i'm so excited for them!

@Erica: thanks ma'am! glad you came over for the exchange, i really enjoyed it!

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