Thursday, November 10, 2011

TUTORIAL: shoe rack


it's november now, so i've decided to list some things that i'm SUPER THANKFUL for.
1. i am SUPER THANKFUL that mother nature hasn't kicked minneapolis in the head yet, and we have had phenomenal fall weather here. the leaves turn amazing colors, there are piles of geese pooping everywhere and the air outside feels cool and clean. it also makes me so happy because:
2. i hate wearing pants. seriously.
so i'm super thankful that it's not suicide yet to wear a skirt to work. and also:
3. i can still wear open toe shoes. this is important because most of my shoes are fair weather shoes. i am from texas, and so are most of my shoes. and i love my shoes. so the longer i can wear them, the happier i am.

of course, now that i've said that, i'm sure the sky will now open up and barf frozen tundra everywhere for the next eight months starting right now.

ok but back to shoes.
i love shoes.
due to the absurd completely appropriate amount of shoes i own, i've always had to make my own shoe storage system. it has always consisted of a bamboo curtain tacked to the wall of my apartment.
see post here.

when i moved to minneapolis this summer, i moved into a room with no studs in the walls.
this was a problem.
stud-less walls are not prepared to have two dozen pairs of shoes tacked to them.
well, walls with studs are probably not prepared either, but they find a way to manage.
anyway, i had to start from scratch and develop another way to store my shoes.

and here's what i came up with:

to start, i went to home depot and became the proud new owner of two giant pieces of melamine. like a real moron, i didn't realize just how giant these two pieces were until i couldn't get them into my car. home depot then sent out a high school kid to assist me, and he proceeded to smash me in the face with the back seat of my car. so i had to drive home and borrow the roommate's much larger car. after precariously driving them home, they got unloaded onto the garage floor.
and then they got painted black.
then i ordered a bunch of cheapy towel racks off of amazon.
the plan was then to screw in the towels into the boards, but i lacked a drill. nor the strength to use a screwdriver to pierce melamine.
so, i went to town with a hammer. it took me like fifteen minutes per screw. it was like pounding nails into a cement block. it was horrible. i'm sure my neighbors wanted to kill me.
you are looking at two hours of whack-a-mole like action here.
when all the towel racks were all smashed in, i happily dragged to whole thing inside and discovered that it was too tall to fit in my room.

so then the racks sat on the garage floor for a month, mocking me. my shoes covered the floor of my room and i moped around, mourning my lack of basic intelligence and circular saws.
then i waited for the BF to come visit.

when he did visit, i immediately dragged him to the garage to show him my unfinished shoe racks. he was horrified at my caveman-esque workmanship.

the BF: wait, how did you screw these towel racks in?
me: with a hammer.
the BF: honey, there's this thing called a screwdriver—
me: i know. it didn't work. so i used a hammer.
the BF: wow.
me: i know. impressive, right?
the BF: uh...right.

he borrowed a circular saw from his parents and went to work.

the BF: do you have any work goggles?
me: are you serious? i'm the girl who uses a hammer to bash in screws. what about me makes you think i would own work goggles?
the BF (very patiently): well, how about a pair of clear-ish sunglasses?
me: no...wait. i totally have something that will work.
reason #45242795 why motorcycle helmets are awesome. safety first, people.

once the BF lopped off a foot from each shoe rack, we were in business!
ok fin!
does anyone else store their shoes this way?
my next mission is to find a storage method for my wedges...let me know if you have any ideas.


Ann said...

I'm very impressed! Never mind goggles... hope you had earplugs to drown out all the hammering. :)

painted fish studio said...


Anonymous said...

i love ur shoe collection

Anonymous said...

All you need to do for your wedges or another other shoe is slide the tip of the shoe into the towel rack and wedge it in there. Then all your shoes will face the same way and will look nice. It probably won't work for flip flops though, too thin. Hopes this helps.

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