Wednesday, November 2, 2011

sauerkraut making

oh heyyyyyyyyyyyy
so, i randomly took a vacation last week. the BF was in town, and we decided to take thursday off and drive to wisconsin to see his fam. and just as importantly, the dog.

roark says: OH HAYYY

when we got there, the family was making sauerkraut. i had no idea people actually made sauerkraut at home. i assumed that bratwurst somehow just generated its own delicious relish. apparently i was wrong.

shocking, i know.

it's a fairly impressive process. the BF's grandmother had an entire array of sauerkraut generating tools: a monster mandolin for slicing cabbage, several ceramic 10 gallon crocks made specifically for sauerkraut making, and a special sauerkraut tamper: basically a wooden pounder-thing used to squish the cabbage.
this was not amateur sauerkraut hour.

first you start with cabbage. lots and lots of cabbage. 150 pounds of cabbage.
...not really sure why there's a screwdriver involved, but there is.

and because we are good americans, all endeavors must include:

cabbage and beer

cabbage and saw
and powertools.

because how else are you supposed to cut cabbage? duh.

first, you use the monster-sized mandolin to slice up the cabbage into uniform cabbage ribbons.

then you pile a layer of the cabbage confetti into a monster-sized ceramic crock, and sprinkle with salt. it's best to have a canine supervisor around. this one's name is cooper.

then the tamping begins. my instructions were: just beat the hell out of the cabbage. we'll tell you when to stop.


once the crock is full of smashed cabbage and salt layers, they set a towel and a bag full of water on top, and then wrap up the whole thing with a garbage bag. then it sits there and ferments for 4-6 weeks and then you magically have sauerkraut! crazy, right?

man, those germans. so smart.

and that's it!

oh, what's that? you want to see more pictures of roark, the most awesome dog ever?
ok fine.

cute face puppy

proper puppy
but i am also very proper.

melting into floor puppy
and then sometimes i like to pretend i'm melting into the floor.

i seriously love this dog.
ok bye.


Ann said...

How crazy... I was literally reading this post when your name popped up in my inbox saying you had just commented on mine - kismet! Roark (and Cooper) are mighty cute. I wonder if they like sauerkraut? I had no idea how it is made - quite a labor intensive process at first, but the letting it ferment part sounds about my speed.

KandE said...

I heart that D-O-G too!

Kat said...

OMG ROARK!!!! so flippin cute, bring him down to TX pls, kthanks

SWAG Boutique said...

why is sauerkraut so cheap when it takes this much work? I need to get my hands on on some homemade sauerkraut. I'll prob never go back to store bought, plastic wrapped pouches of sauerkraut again...

Clumsy/Creative said...

Sooooo...sauerkraut..had no idea. I thought it magically showed up in cans on supermarket shelves. Who knew?

Also, I heart the puppies. So adorable! Roark can visit PA any time!

Ashley said...

Uh...think you can smuggle some to Taiwan next month? K, thanks!

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