Saturday, November 26, 2011

november yo

happy belated thanksgiving, people!
hope everyone ate themselves into a food coma and then went shopping. because that's exactly what the pilgrims and indians did back in the day, so we obviously want to honor that.

so, last saturday was the MCBA book arts festival, which was a lot of fun. however, mother nature picked saturday to barf up a delightful wintry mix and cause over 400 car accidents in the twin cities area. only the hardcore made it out, so piles of thanks to all my beloved friends that came to visit! even the roommates stopped by and spent the afternoon hanging out, making mini books, plotting money making schemes, charming some middle aged women and fetching me food.
i had PRIME booth space — right next to the snack table and surrounded by awesome people. i spent most of the day yammering to some really fun kids and holding impromptu paper star workshops. so it was a win in my book.

MCBA booth
a lo res iphone pic of my booth!

i had crane ornaments, mobiles, star rings, crane rings, cupcake picks, hair pins and glass pendants. lots and lots of cranes were for folded for this table.
i was sharing a table with a really fun girl who was selling journals with birds on the cover. a lady came over and was like oh, i'm scared of birds! and we were like, sorry lady. you definitely don't want to be anywhere near this table then.

anyway, the BF's family invited me over for thanksgiving, so i made pies. mini pies. three kinds, a dozen each.
perhaps a little overkill.


but look how cute they are!


since it's november, that also means it's MOVEMBER. for those of you who haven't heard of it, it is the male counterpoint to susan g. komen's going pink in october. it is a moustache growing event that raises funds and awareness for men's health. several of the guys in the office have been plotting their strategy very carefully. they have all been growing facefuls of hair since the beginning of the month for the grand finale next week, when they will all cut their beards down to just 'staches.
it's going to be terrifying.

since it is for a good cause, i wanted to help. as i am biologically unable to grow myself a creepy 'stache, i made moustaches on a stick to sell instead.


happy movember!

for those of you around minneapolis tomorrow, i'll be at the one stop holiday shop from 10am-2pm.
Center for Performing Arts
3754 Pleasant Ave S, Minneapolis 55409

stop by if you have time!


marsht9 said...

Way to Gro! Hope you like my new CDN music video -Grow a Muzzy in Movember -

Erica said...

mini pies look mmmmazing!! nom nom nom

SWAG Boutique said...

Awesome display! We're down to 2 ornaments! Our customers love the cranes in an ornament!

Ann said...

Wow, your table is loaded and lovely! You don't do things in a small way, do you? Wait, yes you do... mini pies, mini-cranes... you just do lots of small things in a big way!

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