Friday, November 18, 2011

MCBA: Book Arts Festival


ok - this is what i've been up to this week:

1. waking up to 16 degree weather. eep.

2. making paper crane + embroidery hoop mobiles
taking all this stuff and stringing it together...

to make these things!

3. making paper crane ornaments

4. making chiyogami pendants


5. making cards-in-a-box

ready and waiting to be stuffed into their clear cube homes, like in this post.

and also...
6. making the world's ugliest oreo truffles, ever.


i can hear you: oh alena, those aren't so bad.

yes they are. i even tried putting them in tiny little paper bonbon tutus to cutify them up. but then they just looked like mini monsters in ruffles.

just look at this one:

or this one:

but the roommates said they tasted ok, so whatever. beauty is only skin deep right? and if you're full of oreo truffle goodness, then you can be as ugly as you please.


anyway, i've been in a crafting frenzy this week because i'm participating in the 10th annual Book Arts Festival at the MCBA on saturday (tomorrow, kids!).
so if you're around minneapolis, come see me!  


Ann said...

Everything looks wonderful, even the truffles! Best wishes for a super successful sale. And a big BOO to 16 degree weather. It's been downright balmy in Philly lately. Come back! :)

Erika said...

:( I read this post a day too late or I could have visited you at the MCBA sale! Can I buy a pendant from you anyway some other time? (or did you sell them all?!)

Erica said...

everything is so cute! Paper crane hoops look so awesome. yum to the oreo truffles ;)

boooooooo to 16 degree weather.

SWAG Boutique said...

Hope you did well at the show!!! Glad to see you're still doing crafts!

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