Friday, October 21, 2011

a book review: microcrafts

oh heeyyy
fancy seeing you here!
no seriously, i'm impressed you're here. this place has been dead for weeks.
i've been traveling for work, you see. i have been at my house for about 5 hot seconds over the last six weeks, and i'm beginning to question why i pay rent. i have become really good at sleeping while sitting straight up, and sneaking toiletries through the security line. i have developed a dependency on ginger ale and mini pretzels. dinners have degenerated into frozen yogurt at airports and room service chicken fingers eaten in a hotel bed. at midnight.

not that i'm complaining. just saying.

i love chicken fingers.

anyway, once upon a time, i used to live in philly. it was glorious and full of frolicking and wonderment. during this time of frolicking and wonderment, i stumbled upon a local publishing company, Quirk Books. their tagline is: Quirk Books: Seekers of All Things Awesome.

uh, can we say phenomenal?
yes. we sure can.

anyway, they are responsible for all sorts of fantastical and ridiculous books, like the all time classic pride and prejudice and zombies, and the new crafting with cat hair.
the latter title made it into this week's people magazine.

i'm not kidding.

anyway! they were kind enough to send me a review copy of their newest crafting book: Microcrafts: Tiny Treasures to Make and Share!
when i first laid eyes on this book, my reaction was: SHUT UP THIS IS THE PERFECT INTERSECTION OF ALL THE THINGS I LOVE. mini things and crafts! so amazing! the only thing that would make it better would be if it made me dinner every night.

oh sorry, got lost in a daydream.
of chicken fingers.

let's get to reviewing, shall we??

book cover

this is the cover.
commence squealing with delight.

intro page

this is the intro page.
the delighted squealing elevated pitch at this point because HOW CUTE ARE THESE MINI PLANTS? i have tried my hand at mini plants, and i have a terrible habit of smothering them with too much love and then they die.
i'm working on it.

the book is well laid out, and the tutorials are fairly easy to follow. most of the tutorials have helpful illustrations to help you throughout the creating process, but there are a few illustrations that are terrifying.

mini books
hey check it out! mini books!
but what the hell is going on in the diagram on the left??

the book is full of really cute ideas. it's a good introduction to a ton of crafting techniques: book making, sewing, macrame, paper folding, quilling and felting. while sometimes a bit vague on details, the book is a good taste of each of these processes. and if you need more direction, well. that's what the internet is for, kids!

mini owls!

and now for the disclaimer portion of today's show!
i didn't receive any compensation for my review (outside of my rad review copy of the book), and all opinion voiced are my own (as opposed to some crazy literary robot). if you would like to buy it, rest easy knowing that i don't get any secret commissions or fancy compensation. if you don't want to buy it, you can just come over and i'll read it to you and show you the pictures.

and that concludes my first book review.
good night!

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Laura said...

Looks like a fun book! When do I come over to look at the pictures?

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