Thursday, September 1, 2011

TRAVEL: iceland

howdy! did you miss me??
i'm back! and no longer homeless nor galavanting around in iceland. i've moved into a sweet house, next to a lake, complete with a deck and creepy basement! 
honestly, what more could a girl want?

my room is currently a cardboard box obstacle course, with clothes and shoes strewn about everywhere. my beloved BF spent a week of his vacation helping me to unpack so i could get things under control at work. i received periodic text scoldings throughout the day: HOW MANY JACKETS DOES ONE GIRL NEED?? and WHY DO YOU HAVE SO MUCH TUPPERWARE. 
look, if i'm to keep warm and well fed, i need all of that. 

anyway, i thought i'd post some iceland pictures. cool? cool.

for those of you lucky enough not to have to put up with us all the time, this is what we look like:

me, my panda hat, and the BF blocking the view to the most amazing waterfall ever: Gullfoss

right after we landed in iceland, we went straight to the blue lagoon, the legendary famous hot spring. it was phenomenal. like a giant natural hot tub! then we headed into reykjavik.

we rented a car and drove along the southern coast of the country, stopping whenever we wanted. it was incredible. iceland is a country of about 300,000 people and 3 HUMUNGUS glaciers. since the whole island hangs out on top of two tectonic plates, there are hot springs and volcanos all over the place. in the summer, the sun doesn't set until midnight. summers there hover between 40-50 degrees. fahrenheit! RIDICULOUS.

on our driving adventure, we saw stunning waterfalls


ok, and yes we planked. we had to! all the cool kids are doing it.

and lakes full of ice blue glaciers. 


occasionally, we would drive past strangely structured piles of rocks, so we stopped to get a closer look.

confirmed. these are indeed piles of rocks.

but this was clearly not amateur rock piling hour here, folks. some of these piles had to be built by civil engineers. or elves.
with little elven cranes.


look at these things! they are masterpieces! googling revealed very little about the purpose/origin/background of these rock piles. apparently it's just something people do in iceland.
thanks, google.

ok, i love gift shops. most of them are tourist traps, full of kitschy, useless and tacky souvenirs. and i cannot get enough of them. we had to stop at every shop we saw.

i mean, where else can you find a goat with four horns coming out of its face?





answer: nowhere.

then back in reykjavik, we saw the famous church of hallgrimur:


and even found texas (4 you)!!


it was an amazing time. everyone should go!
ok, time to continue unpacking.


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Welcome back! Thanks for sharing your photos, we went to Iceland last summer, and saw some of the same sights. You have brought back lots of memories. It is a very special place.

Ann said...

So much fun to meet you and Iceland all in the same post! Glad you had a wonderful trip. I hope you purchased mustache hat for BF - it would look right at home over here in the dead of windy winter.

BellsInSpires said...

@KJ: thanks! iceland is incredible, i'm really glad we got the chance to go!

@Ann: hi! i wish we had bought the amazing hat..but it was outrageously expensive! at least we'll always have the picture. =) hope you survived irene ok!

Anonymous said...

1. your panda hat is adorable.
2. those glaciers are crazy.
3. that mustache hat is kinda sorta just awesome.

your trip looked really fun!

Ashley said...

Please tell me you bought that beard hat! I am still laughing at that photo!!! Iceland looks b.e.a.utiful.

BellsInSpires said...

@whollykao: thanks esther! the BF and i both love hats. ;) hope you are staying cool back in dallas!

@ash: i WISH we had bought the hat...but it was just too expensive. SAD.

Sharon said...

Love your photos!!! Especially the glaciers...we didn't get to see any on our trip.

P.S. I hear ya on the hat...we just couldn't pull the trigger ourselves either;)

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