Thursday, September 8, 2011

learning how to wood burn

i spent this past weekend learning something new: wood burning!
a friend is getting married soon, so the BF's mom taught me how to wood burn a sign for their new household.

finished sign
worst staging ever.

first, she helped me design and print out a stencil of the plaque. then she stenciled the lettering onto the wood. she also did all the measuring and centering.
pencil sign cropped

ok, she basically did all the hard parts.


we used carbon paper and a pencil to stencil on the letters.

then i traced the pencil lines with a wood burning tool. which is essentially like a REALLY hot pencil. with a microphone handle. that you plug into an outlet.

see?? just like a giant microphone electric pencil thing.

this is me, studiously burning away.


burning and burning.


once that was done, it was sprayed with clear coat and left to dry. ta-da!

spraying cropped

the process was shockingly theraputic. i'd never even seen a wood burning tool before, but now i have my own kit, thanks to the BF's mom!

who knows what i'll decided to brand next??
oh, the possibilities.

hope everyone's week was relaxing and flood-free (philly!) and wildfire free (texas!!).


SpiritPhoenix said...

I keep thinking I need to get a wood burning kit. Maybe one day soon. Here's another idea for you, from another blog I read.

Oh and she also makes these:

Just some ideas for you're new found hobby. ;)

Ann said...

It turned out really well - what a nice gift! (And you're a lefty (like me:))

BellsInSpires said...

@SpiritPhoenix: COOL! i didn't know you could use a wood burner on leather, too! i wish i could freehand draw as well as she can...
thanks so much for the links - my list of things to do someday just grew longer.

@Ann: hi Ann!! you know what they say about lefties.

we're awesome.

Kat said...

That looks like a lot of work -- but so worth it. It looks great! Hmm -- maybe I need a new hobby to go with the wood painting.

Unknown said...

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