Thursday, July 7, 2011

TUTORIAL: TP roll pillow boxes

yay!! a project!!

i know. it's been awhile.

you can always tell how good your friends are by the types of activities you engage in. the two friends that flew in to visit this past weekend are awesome. we did all the usual touristy stuff, the walking around the city, the eating at fancy places and the strolling through boutiques. but we also sat around the apartment one night, drank scotch and made stuffed peppers. 

you don't do that with just anyone, folks.

anyway, as you might expect, an apartment full of four girls generates a large amount of TP tubes. i think that's probably all the detail about that that we need to get into. 
as i was dumping them into the recycle bin, i thought about how tragic it was to get rid of so many perfectly good cardboard tubes. 
so then i saved them and made them into little pillow boxes instead.


toilet paper tubes (one per pillow box)
decorative paper


1. cut your paper to fit around a TP tube. then, using the gluestick, glue the paper around the tube.


2. on one end of the TP tube, fold the top edge down into a curved crease. do the same to the bottom edge. repeat with the other end of the TP tube.


3. add more paper and tie with ribbon. 
you can also go hippie style and keep the TP tubes au naturale, without the decorative paper. you hussy, you.


4. find something cool to put in them. 


5. give away. or keep them on your coffee table. on a plate.
you know, whatever suits you.

who knew recycling could be so stylish? these things are better dressed than i am.

alright, off to do some work. 
ciao, people.


Ann said...


Unknown said...

glad to know I'm not the only one who feels this way about TP rolls. these are so lovely and your photographs are awesome too!

Anonymous said...

Toilet paper rolls.... Not very hygienic... Especially if you're putting them on a plate... Maybe it would be better to use the foil/saran wrap rolls Maegan said...

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Use paper towel roll then if you are worried about sanitation.

Linda Brown said...

So adorable :) As a former librarian,one year I was trying to come up with ideas to motivate the students to read more books.I decided to hand out toilet paper rolls and have the students design a character from their favorite book and then had fellow students judge the characters.It was so much fun and the amount of books checked up increased incredibly.I am going to try your idea this weekend :)

BellsInSpires said...

@maegan: thanks so much!

@Linda Brown: i LOVE that idea, how cute! very clever way to sneakily get kids interested in reading.

SaltAndPepperMakers said...

Love the little pillow boxes. Recycling is a great thing in my book. ~Pepper

Anonymous said...

I made these to use as place cards for Chinese New Years....fabulous! Red for the background -- For the decorative paper, I wrote fortunes, had Google translate them into Chinese script and printed it out in black script on white paper. Tied it all up with raffia and attached a name tag to the end of the raffia. So cute! But, I'd sure love to find some of that beautiful Japanese paper. Where would I look to find it?


BellsInSpires said...

@Anna: love the chinese new year idea! as for the chiyogami paper, you can probably find some online if you don't have a paper store near you. i get mine at paper source:

Anonymous said...

Oh! now I know why I was saving these. TFS your clever tip!! Hugs always! G

Chrissiann said...

I just recycle them.

Anji* said...

Love these, great idea :)

Double-Dipped Decadence Gal said...

Love this idea! Tried it with paper towel tubes as well - worked perfectly!

christine said...

I made one today and loved passing it on to a good friend with a pair of homemade earrings in it for her birthday present. Thank you.

BellsInSpires said...

@Double-Dipped Decadence Gal: oh paper towels would be cool too, almost like those paper-cracker toys that come out at holidays!

@christine: wow what a lucky friend! handmade earrings make such good gifts =)

July said...

Why can't I pin this?

BellsInSpires said...

@July - sorry about that! if you click on the picture, it'll take you to flikr, where you can hit the 'share' button (upper left side) to pin things. i am working on seeing if there's an easier way...let me know if that doesn't work!

ClaraHamor said...

adorei, reciclarei.

Petrin said...

At last, a cute idea for those cute little tubes!

Jamie B said...

Thank you for sharing this awesome tutorial on how to make pillow boxes out of TP rolls! I've just finished a Valentine's crafts round-up and hope it's okay that I have linked to your tutorial here as I think these TP pillow boxes would be perfect for little Valentine's treats. You can see the round-up here:

Thank you for this awesome tutorial :)

ClaraHamor said...

lindos, gostei

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

I just made one and it turned out brilliantly! Well chuffed

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