Thursday, July 28, 2011

TUTORIAL: suction cup crane ornament



ok people. this is it. the last post i'll ever do as a resident of philadelphia.
minneapolis, get ready (again)!

i'm super depressed to be leaving, but at least i'll be going to a city with lots of friends and two awesome roommates ready and waiting to party rock it up. so, it could be worse. as a texas girl through and through, i had no idea how i'd like the east coast. but I LOVE IT. the people are super awesome. the driving is crazy, cities are fun and the food is amazing. alsoall the states are so close together! very convenient. if i want to randomly hang out somewhere different, i can drive to like eight other states in a weekend.

alright, let's get down to this. as my parting philly post, i thought i'd slap together a haphazard tutorial, with crazy multi-sized font (seriously, WTF blogger), ugly pictures and questionable grammar. because i care. 
ok no, it's actually because i need to pack three weeks of my life into a suitcase and prepare myself for a near month of travel and homelessness.
see what i go through for you guys?

you're welcome.

this is a project that can be done with very few materials, but because i like to make things complicated, i use as many tools as possible.

a paper crane (you can learn how to make one here)
a suction cup
2 pieces of wire (one about 7" long, one about 1/2" long)
some string (about 7 inches)
a needle

a mini wire plier set that your mom bought you
an awl (not to be confused with an owlyou definitely do not need one of those)
paper messages 


1. start by skewering your crane right through the middle, like so:

the blue and green cranes are very concerned. 
very extremely concerned.

you can use either the needle or the awl for this. 

2. tie your smaller wire piece to the end of your piece of string:


3. open up your crane. spread out its wings, inflate the torso, adjust the various appendages as necessary. then using the needle, thread your skewered crane onto the piece of string. the piece of wire tied to the end will stop the crane from sliding off the other side and escaping. that is the last thing you want.


4. next, attach your longer piece of wire to your suction cup. depending on your suction, you may be able to do this a number of ways. mine had a metal hook that i used to wrap the wire around. 


5. make a eyelet at the other end of your wire. then, tie your crane-on-a-string to that eyelet, and then stick the whole thing to your bathroom mirror!



optional: you can personalize your cranes by taping tiny paper banners to the string.
then taking them into work and sticking them to your coworkers' desks.

that's it!
easy peasy.

so, also! as if moving and house hopping isn't enough, the BF and i are going to ICELAND! yes! the land of whales, crazy volcanoes with even crazier names, and the time-honored tradition of puffin hurling!
while researching the country, i've become increasingly obsessed with puffins, and the BF is starting to get concerned. 
i want one. seriously.

i'd also take two. source

we leave in two weeks, and i am PUMPED. it's going to be amazing. if anyone has been, i'd love to hear about it. we'll be there for four days, and staying in reykjavik most of the time, with a roadtrip planned to vic.

so, in light of the fact that i'll be homeless/on the move for awhile, i probably won't be updating for a bit. 
given the lack of regular updates lately, this is probably not shocking news.

ok i'm done yammering.
see you in minneapolis!

goodbye philly crane


Ann said...

Cute, cute, cute - both the cranes and the puffins! Have a wonderful time and a non-stressful move. (right, I know moves are ALWAYS stressful, but here's hoping there will at least be no disasters) Philly and I will miss you!

Kat said...

I would like a puffin kthanks have fun!

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