Tuesday, July 5, 2011

philly adventures: terrain and longwood gardens


so, we are winding down from a long weekend here due to july fourth. i am a big fan of holidays in general, but the fourth of july has slowly risen in my estimation as of late. it's a holiday that is legit enough to give you a day off from work, but there are no big obligations to fulfill, like thanksgiving or christmas. so if you want to spend the long weekend laying around the pool, or stuffing your face with food, or some combination of both, it is completely acceptable. and then, at the end of the day, there are fireworks!

what's not to love??

i had a couple friends in town this weekend, and we ran around exploring philly, eating and shopping as needed. my favorite thing we did was to go to terrain at styers and longwood gardens.
terrain is the "home and garden lifestyle" concept of anthropologie, another store so amazing that the roommate and i have to treat it like a museum to avoid bankruptcy. terrain is incredible, it was like stepping into a magical retail wonderland. i want to live there. they have an area where you can build your own terrarium! complete with shelves of beautiful glass jars, rows of adorable assorted mini plants, bowls of succulents and countless varieties of moss. there were perfect bags of smooth river stones, piles of air plants and sparkly cut glass water misters. it was overwhelming sensory overload. in the best way possible.

OMG. cue total system shutdown.


then we continued the magical garden theme and went to longwood gardens, in kennett square, pennsylvania. we frolicked amongst hedges cut into ducks, ventured through gazebos, walked past pristine fountains and obsessed over orchids and water lilies.

i want my house to look like this.

and then i want my front yard to look like this.

the rest of the long weekend was spent snarfing food to the point of physical discomfort (repeatedly), watching fireworks, shopping and  running amuck in the city.

hopefully you enjoyed the weekend, too!
if not, well.
you can try again this weekend.


Ann said...

Totally with you on both of those places! Glad you had fun.

Anonymous said...

That Terrain at Styers place looks awesome! We tried to go there a couple years ago, when they had their Holiday festival thingger, but couldn't get there before it closed. Did you get anything there?

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