Sunday, July 24, 2011

card in a box

it's been crazy here. traveling and working and traveling for work have taken over my life.

but who wants to talk about that? 
no one.

two weeks ago i was in houston for a family friend's wedding. it was phenomenal. my family took full advantage of the open bar, made friends with the photographer and generally had ourselves a grand old time. 

at the reception, my brother and i were standing around, bickering over how many maraschino cherries we had in our respective drinks. my mother walks over and looks at us with a sigh.

mom: what on earth are you two drinking?

brother: that is unimportant. what are YOU drinking?

mom: white wine.

brother: right. and what's in your other hand?

mom: oh, this is scotch. neat.

brother and i: ...wait, what? are you serious?

mom (walking off): let me know when you guys are ready to get some real drinks.

there are very few feelings in the world comparable to being out-badassed by your own mother. however, since this is a regular occurrence, my brother and i have become accustomed to it. later that night, we dragged our parents from their table and two-stepped the hell out of the dance floor. 
no one can ever say that the chiang family doesn't know how to party.

we ended the night with a conglomeration of beloved old friends, fun new friends and the most amazing korean tacos i've ever experienced. 

this past weekend was spent in the glorious new york city. there was shopping, there was cuban food consumption, and there was going out until ungodly hours of the night. or morning, more accurately. there were philly friends, high school friends, college friends, and random creepsters. there was a bar in the women's bathroom. there was a 4:30am pizza pit stop. there was a post-pizza dance party in the hotel room — complete with strobe lights and high kicks.
all in all, a completely normal weekend out in nyc.

on the paper crafting front, i've been putzing around and found the perfect stash-busting project.
if your stash includes a bajillion mini glass vials. 
how convenient! 
because mine does.

paper scraps, stars, bits of wire and square plastic cubes

and of course, mini vials
wrapped up in paper

add hot glue

so, i included the paper lotus to lend some scale to this whole photoshoot.
but now i realize that i actually created a LURKSTER LOTUS.

then delicately shove the whole thing into a clear plastic cube.
ta-da! card in a box!

these things could be customized for anything! birthdays, baby showers, wedding/party favors, placecards, ransom notes, you name it. you could make the world's most elaborate business card in a cube. you could make dozens of mini dioramas! you could use pictures of your face and hand them out to your friends and family. the potential is endless here, people.
so go, let your mind frolick through the verdant meadows of possibility and go nuts. and then feel free come back here and leave a comment with what your brain brought back from possibility meadow.

if you want one of your own without a DIY adventure, you can now purchase these babies at SWAG, the cutest boutique in northern liberties, PA, folks. so be awesome and visit!

go! go now. SO CUTE!

alright, i'm done bossing you around.


Ann said...

Aw, such CUTE little boxes. SWAG looks like a great place - congrats! By any chance have you met artist Coy Coi who also sells there? I'm thinking you and she might be fast friends! :)

esther said...

That's really exciting that you can buy your stuff at SWAG. I agree with your friend Ann-the place looks super cute. Congrats!

Ann said...

By the way, it occurred to me I should clarify something... I mentioned Coy based on the materials and subject matter of her art - origami/beer bottle labels. :) It's not that I know her.

Shay Fan said...

Haha, I love the Chiang family convo. Most excellent. I tried drinking scotch neat. I had to water it down like the weak sauce that I am. :(

BellsInSpires said...

@Ann: thanks so much! haha the owner of SWAG actually told me about coy coi when i was in the shop, we could be kindred origami spirits! =)

@esther: aw thanks ma'am! :D

@shay: you are more of a badass than i am. i took a whiff of my mom's glass and was like HOLY YIKES WHAT IS THAT.

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