Friday, April 15, 2011

swoon street art and dapper dog deliciousness

i know.

i am a day late updating.
but i have a good excuse!


it's not "good" as in "fun" or "happy" or "YAY" but more "good" as in "oh, that makes sense."
what an ambiguous word.

the roommate and i have been busy being up to mayhem and mischief, per usual. as a continuation of last week's post, we went on an adventure on saturday, to the temple university area in philly, in pursuit of the fabled street art of swoon. i wanted to see if her art was an urban legend, or if it did actually exist. and the roommate is always down for a good adventure, so off we went, camera, map coordinates and GPS in hand.
the area around temple university is not the best area of this city. and so of course we got lost.
but we saw lots of cool buildings and neighborhoods.

we saw building innards

and wall angels

and a forest of painted sticks!

after wandering around the area for awhile, we finally stumbled upon a small urban park, surrounded by stone walls and filled with mosaic sculptures.


upon walking through the park, what did we find??



sure, it's peeling off the wall and partially disintegrated, but STILL.

we also found a full intact piece outside of a cute little bookshop:


so exciting!
to celebrate, we went out that night and had ourselves a thoroughly responsible time. upon arriving home, we step out of the cab to yet another exciting discovery:

the roommate and i are giddy with joy. we pile up to the window only to be told, sorry girls! we just ran out!


upon seeing our crestfallen faces, the guys (seth and harry, our new BFFs) quickly exclaim wait! we can probably make up something!

and this is the glorious something they made for us:

dapper dog

a ridiculously amazing conglomeration of hot dog, hoagie bun pieces, hash browns, pepperoni (we think?), green peppers, grilled onions, chili and who knows what else.
thinking about it now still makes me light headed. we were the two happiest girls in northern liberties that night, guaranteed.

all thanks to these guys!

dapper dog dudes
source: citypaper

so anyway.
back to the reason for posting late. remember how i just moved to philly 3 months ago?
well, this week i got news that my job is actually being moved back to minneapolis.


so guess who is moving back to minneapolis?


as you can imagine, this has thrown quite a bit of chaos into my life, so things are about to get crazy. again.

it is going to be rough. i love this city a lot, i love my apartment, my neighborhood, i love my roommate and i love the fact that the BF is just a bus ride away.
also, the thought of moving all my stuff again makes me nauseous.
but, it could be worse.
so, my adventures in philly will have to end a little sooner than expected, but you know? things happen.

anyway, hope everyone had a less life-changing week than i did.
enjoy the weekend!


Ann said...

oh no! You can't be moving again so soon! Tell your company I'm enjoying your Philly posts WAY too much for that to happen; so there.

Alex said...

Have you seen this website??? It might cure your addiction...

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