Thursday, April 7, 2011

street art

color me katie tree eyes
photo from the most adorable blog ever: color me katie


what's new?
lately, i've become more and more infatuated with street art. i've always been really enchanted by the whole idea, despite the fact that it COULD be TECHNICALLY classified as vandalism.
but let's be real, people. would you look at that tree with eyeballs and call the police? no. you would be too busy taking pictures and texting all your friends about it. i'm sure tweeting would be involved as well. because it's a tree! 
trees? birds?? tweeting?? get it? I'M HILARIOUS.
i have come to the conclusion that you must also share my increasing obsession with street art. so i'm going to brainwash you with a list. with pictures! click through for picture sources.
ok. let's go.

yarn bombing: ishknits
wikipedia defines yarn bombing as:
"...a type of graffiti or street art that employs colorful displays of knitted or crocheted cloth rather than paint or chalk."
it goes on to attribute yarn bombing to...TEXAS! wahoo!
ishknits is a yarn bomber in philly who has gotten tons of press for her recent exploits — she tagged the city's subway cars and the venerable rocky statue outside the art museum.

yarn bombing subway

yarn bombing rocky
this makes me giggle.

paper graffiti: swoon
this past weekend, i went to see the BF in boston, and he took me to the institute of contemporary art out on the waterfront. it was gorgeous and fantastic, and i discovered and instantly fell in love with swoon, a paper artist (shocking) who wheat-pastes life size paper prints onto buildings. and you know what i found out? that she's done a ton of work in philly!

can you imagine walking around and randomly finding this somewhere?

i love this so so much.

there will absolutely be an expedition arranged to hunt for these treasures sometime SOON.

hotdog clues: street dept
i love my neighborhood here. it's the model of gentrification gone right: full of cute boutiques, coffeeshops, and free parking. it's covered with urban graffiti and brick warehouses are juxtaposed against upscale niche restaurants.  it's also hipster central, and is often overrun by boys in tight jeans. which, if that's your thing, come on over. they are everywhere!
anyway, the walls here are covered in color. it's like living in a giant cartoon. pretty much a dream come true for me. i found an awesome blog called street dept that actually documents street art and other awesomeness in philly, and our neighborhood is featured on the reg! and it was this blog that enlightened me to a local mystery that had gone down recently.
there used to be a hotdog vendor on our street that would appear strategically around bar close time during the weekend.  then he suddenly disappeared one week. well, apparently his nocturnal hotdog vending was illegal! which is ridiculous. this man was obviously doing the world a huge favor by feeding the drunken masses. have you ever had to deal with a hungry drunk person? UNPLEASANT at best.
anyway, the point of all this is that the hotdog vendor left clues to his next planned location, pasted to the brick wall of his former street corner!

no libs hotdog stand
follow me! follow me to HOTDOGS!!

cutest street art ever: color me katie
this girl is my hero. she's a photographer/street artist, and has the HAPPIEST BLOG EVER. i love her.

color me katie thought bubbles

color me katie shadows
color me katie pacman
if you don't love this, you have no soul.

what do you think? are you as OBSESSED as i am now?
becuase i want to quit my job and glue things to buildings forever.

one last thing: if you are into super cool stuff, (you're reading this, so obviously you are. obviously.) then you need to check out the FREAKING ADORABLE video my two newly engaged friends Sarang and Kat made for a contest:
table4weddings video contest
go and vote for them! they are awesome.

alright it's way past my bedtime.


Alex said...

This was awesome!!! Well... looks like you've successfully brainwashed me.

AB said...

that was funnnn!

Ann said...

I now have an incredible number of tabs/goodness awaiting me, but I did watch the video already and agree it's awesome - your friends should win!

Kat said...

yay! thanks for publicizing for us! and yes please vote for Sarang & me and keep reading this blog :)

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