Thursday, April 21, 2011

Roundup: Peeps!

so, since it's been mandated that i move away from philly, i have been absorbing as much of this city as i can in the time that i have left.
it's also easter weekend.

the intersection of these two things is what brings us the glorious topic of this week's post:

you may be saying to yourself: woman, what do unnaturally-colored, seizure-inducing, borderline edible marshmallow creatures have to do with philadelphia?
well, then i would tell you that peeps were in fact CREATED IN PENNSYLVANIA. bethlehem, pennsylvania, about an hour and a half away from philadelphia. TAKE THAT.

the company that makes peeps is called Just Born. they also make mike & ike and hot tamales. their motto is (wait for it...):

"a great candy isn't's Just Born."

that is TERRIFYING. 

also! it takes six minutes to make one peep.
six whole minutes?? how is that in any way reasonable? are these things hand painted??

let's get to it!

peep roundup

1. a peeps wreath centerpiece topiary hybrid {totalclasscreative blog}
2. nothing says "sophisticated rustic" quite like a peeps and moss wreath. {the art of doing stuff}
3. show your loved ones that you really care...with a peeps bouquet.  {flowerduet}
4. peeps in TUXEDOS! how freaking cute are these?? {blogs.babble}
5. peeps nametags! {the art of doing stuff}
6. this is the most epic peeps wreath/pinwheel thing i've ever seen. granted, i've only ever seen 2 other ones, but whatever. {martha stewart — oh martha. you are so wily in your crafting ways}
7. rainbow peeps cupcakes! {fancy flours}
8. peeps sushi: wow. {holy kaw}
9. a peeps topiary - a freaking explosion of edible pastel {the hungry mouse}

ok, it's past my bedtime.
have a great easter, everyone!

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Ann said...

There is nothing like a Peep! Or in this case, is Peeps singular? I think it might be!

If you haven't done this yet, become one with Rocky and run up the art museum steps.

(I bet you don't need a link, but here's one anyway:

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