Thursday, March 31, 2011

TUTORIAL: tissue paper cherry blossoms

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii there!


i went to washington DC this past weekend and saw me some cherry blossoms! it was the first weekend of the famed cherry blossom festival in DC, so i road-tripped over there and hung out with my cousin and some friends who flew in from texas.  the BF also happened to be in DC at the same time, so it was a partypalooza all weekend!

how do flowers stay SO CLEAN?? they live outside!
perhaps they can teach the dog how to do this.

we went out for my friend's birthday dinner on saturday, and one of the other girls got her the most adorably wrapped present ever.  seriously, check out this gift wrap:


aww it's a smiling strawberry! 
look, a group of laughing clouds!
a pink bear with a bowl of noodles!
wait a second...what on earth is THAT??


no, but seriously. what IS that.
are those hotdogs? on pancakes? that looks like chocolate syrup...with sprinkles?

we were so distracted by it that the gift never even got opened.

i also found out that i'm horrifically allergic to MSG this week. i've always gotten mild headaches from super questionable restaurant chinese food, but i'd always assumed that was standard. you know, all part of the sketchy chinese restaurant experience. well, i made some minestrone soup on monday, and the recipe called for bouillon cubes. apparently the bouillon i used was MSG to the max, because i was completely out of commission after one bowl. it was as if every cell in my body had dehyrated and flipped inside out. i was so thirsty i couldn't see straight, and my head felt like it was trying to detach itself from my body. frankly, i wanted to die. i drank two brita pitchers of water and promptly passed out.
for 14 hours.
sooo that was fun.

in an attempt to remain reasonably healthy, the roommate and i tried to go sign up for a gym membership tonight. the gym's computer system crashed, so we weren't able to actually sign up.
you know what we're doing instead? eating nachos.

in case you won't make it to DC before the cherry blossoms peace out, i made some paper ones for you.  YAY!

white tissue paper
a square piece of yellow crepe paper
a large bead
green wire
floral tape


1. let's make the petals first!
cut your tissue paper into ~3 inch by ~2 inch squares. you'll need five pieces per blossom.

for illustration purposes, i made ninety billion tissue paper squares.

2. next, wrap your bead in a tissue paper shroud, and twist both ends closed tightly. remove the bead. repeat. aaand again. then three more times.


you should have five little bubble-looking tissue paper pieces now, with little antennea-looking twisty appendages on either end. trim off one of these appendages from each petal bubble.


3. stem time!
cut a length of green wire for your stem. the length is completely up to you. go crazy.
or not. you know, whatever.
take your square of yellow crepe paper and strategically bunch it up.
glue it to the end of your green wire. strategically.


4. now, use floral tape to attach the five white petals around the yellow center on your green stem. this step takes some wrangling, hence the lack of pictures of this step.
don't give up. you're almost done.


actually, once you finish that step, you are done!


it's officially april 1 - my dad's birthday! happy birthday, baba!
oh, also! have you guys heard about gmail's newest development, gmail motion? check it out!
ok, bedtime.


Kat said...

So cute -- I bet they could look like magnolias too. . . .hmm, that gives me an idea! Happy Birthday to your dad! Hope you feel better!

geo said...

google motion looks interesting but I doubt it will actually work. sorry to be a "debbie downer"
thanks for sharing the link, thank you for the flowers too. I didn't even know there's a thing called floral tape. you're too amazing for words!

SUGANTHI said...

It looks like jasmine to me . It's summer here in India and the season for jasmine.I will give this a try.

Ann said...

What a nice tutorial - love the way you framed each step. :) My first thought (well, my second thought, truth be told, haha) was that the wrapping paper thingee was a malformed Philly soft pretzel, but that doesn't explain what it's perched on, does it?!) Wow, steer clear of suspect Chinese food - I bet that was scary. Glad you slept it off without needing a trip to the ER.

Luvay33 said...

I love this. =)
Thanks for sharing!

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