Thursday, March 10, 2011

TUTORIAL: japanese paper doll toothpicks

howdy people.
how has everyone's week been? 

this past weekend was one of those weekends that makes bad days worth enduring. the BF was in town, we got philly cheese steaks, went to my thirteenth (and still amazing) vienna teng concert, and went to the philadelphia museum of art. so fun! i really do just LOVE this city.

there is one thing about my office that i am still getting used to: how healthy everyone is. as a girl from the wonderous state that is texas, i am used to my food being cooked one of two ways: barbequed, or fried. i'm also accustomed to eating absurd portions of said food. i take eating very seriously. the other day, i brought in some food for lunch, and as i pulled it out, i realized that i was entirely surrounded by salads.

coworker:  oh wow. what are you eating?
me:  oh um, i'm just having a little lunch...
coworker:  no seriously, what is that thing?
me:  uh...well, it's a chicken sandwich.
coworker:  really? 
me:  ok, well it's a fried chicken sandwich. a fried chicken and waffle sandwich, actually. 
coworker:  ...are there vegetables on that?
me:  does bacon count? and it's got a side of tator tots...potatoes are vegetables, right?

anyway, i'd like to move on to address a serious problem that plagues most modern households today. it's an issue that everyone deals with, but no one likes to talk about it. but solutions do not come from silence. we must confront this problem head on in order to find a remedy. yes. i'm talking about:



*please forgive the terrible photo quality.
why no one has posted hi-res pictures of toothpicks in the public domain is beyond me.

honestly, it's embarrassing and frankly, offensive. to allow toothpicks to parade around stark naked is degrading to everyone involved, and i think it's high time we do something about it. i mean, are we not civilized?  seriously.
the japanese obviously have it figured out. my  mother brings home lots of paper treasures for me whenever she comes back from taiwan, and one year, she brought home these:



appropriately dressed toothpicks!

so let's get to it!
a naked toothpick
two different colored pieces of 2.5" square paper
half of a piece of 2.5" square paper (in a complimentary/clashing color. your choice.)
a small piece of crepe paper, about 1.5" x 1"
two lengths of string


1. lay your two papers layered on top of one another (mostly overlapping except at the bottom), and place your toothpick on top, like so:

step 1

secure the toothpick with a little smidgette of glue.

2. next, fold the left corner of your two sheets down, across the toothpick.  wrap the right corner across the toothpick in a similar manner. now it looks like the toothpick is wearing a cape.


3. fold the bottom right corner of the cape across the toothpick, so that the bottom of the paper is flush.  do the same with the other side. 

5. now, take your half piece of paper, and fold it lengthwise once.  wrap it around your toothpick and secure in the back with tape or glue. there. now your toothpick has a legit obi.



6. wrap a length of string around the obi and knot it in the front. it just makes it look better.

doesn't it?

7. time to make the 'hair': now, take your crepe paper and place it behind your toothpick. fold the short end over the top of your toothpick's head.

why purple hair, you ask?
because i couldn't find my black crepe paper, that's why.

8. fold down each corner to form a triangle.  secure hair by tying with string, like a bandanna. 
a tiny tiny bandana. trim ends of bandana string.



BAM. sophisticated, classy, clothed toothpicks!

i made notecards out of mine, but you can do whatever your heart desires.
may your house be forever rid of inappropriate toothpick behavior.

doll cards

if you are interested in an actual japanese paper doll (ningyogami) tutorial, there's one posted a kimono reincarnate that is super adorable.

k good night.


SpiritPhoenix said...

This is so cute!!! I may just have to make some of these this weekend!!!

Anji* said...

The little kimono'd toothpicks are cute! I really like the ningyogami tutorial too, thanks for the link :)

Ann said...

Yours are MUCH better dressed than those in the pedestrian cellophane fringed outfits. :)

janetmacd123 said...

I tried your tutorial, using washi paper, and my toothpick looks fabulous! No more naked toothpicks in my house! LOL!

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