Thursday, March 17, 2011

GIVEAWAY: paper star prize pack

well HELLO there.

i just got from my first trip to MICHIGAN. this trip included some flight delays, me running an impromptu 5k in the detriot airport (while in heels!), giving a few customer presentations back-to-back and subsequently losing my voice. hooray! i sound like a chain-smoking frog. i have been assured that this is sexy. i suspect i am being told lies.
oh well.

what's going on with you?

let's do a giveaway, shall we? 
yes, let's.

i've got a bellsinspires star-mania prize pack to get rid of.
- 3 packages of star paper (to make your own pile of paper stars)
- 1 mini vial of paper stars
- 1 package of star picks


3 chances to win:

become a follower of this blog by clicking "follow" on the right LEFT hand side, underneath the "followers" heading. then leave a comment saying you did so.
if you already follow/subscribe to this blog, leave a comment saying that you are way ahead on the curve of awesome.

using twitter, tweet this giveaway and include @bellsinspires in your tweet.
then come back and leave a comment saying you did so.

don't have twitter?
post a link to this blog on your facebook.
then come back and leave a comment saying you did so.

don't have facebook?
honestly, what is wrong with you?
ok, do you have email? then email 3 friends about this giveaway.
i've included a choose-your-own-adventure/mad-libs style template to get you started.

hello (insert adjective) friends,
there's this (choose one: amazing, incredible, life-changing) blog that i read every week that is giving away free stuff right now. if you are (awesome, enjoy random yammerings, love freedom) and like paper crafting, then you should check it out.
you will not enjoy this blog if you (fear awesome, hate fun, can't read).
(insert your name)

don't have email?
get out your feather quill and ink, and use a freaking homing pigeon.

or, just leave me a comment to enter!

the winner will be chosen at random and announced NEXT WEEK.
ready set go!
good luck!


Alex said...

I'm having the most difficult time with this stupid comment box. Is this a cruel joke? Gaaahhh!!

Seriously, I'm about to send the homing pigeon.

Anyway, I'm officially a follower! Yippee! Does that mean I CAN'T post comments anymore??? I'm gonna try again...

Katie McElroy said...

Hi! I'm a follower (on google reader). I love your writing voice and sarcasm & enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for the giveaway! I'd love to go crazy making little mini stars.

SpiritPhoenix said...

I'm ahead on the curve of awesome. ;) Been following for awhile now.

Erin said...

I had to click 'follow' on the left-hand side, flying in the face of your instructions. And forcing me to think for myself, which I hate to do. And yet I figured it out, allowing this to count as two entries. You just got owned on your own blog. Run and tell that, homeboy.

LOVE the giveaway (and your face!)

Kat said...

I'm a follower and I'm leaving a comment! Yay! I'm also adding this to my facebook wall since I don't twitter.

Jessica K said...

Loving the blog! Great DIY posts~

Jessica K said...

And I'm following the blog now...

Jessica K said...

Ah, went ahead and tweeted about it.

Amy A said...

Following! Yay, prizes ;)

Thanks for delighting my creative senses and making me laugh. You're awesome!

SUGANTHI said...

I am your follower now. I have visited you several times from All things paper .I have really enjoyed your posts.

Anonymous said...

I'm your follower on Twitter now. xD I've visited your blog several times. You're so awesome~ :"D

Clumsy/Creative said...

For once I'm ahead of the curve! Who knew? Following you on Twitter and the blog on Google Reader. Whoop whoop!

BellsInSpires said...

@ Erin: omg thank you so much for catching that! i just changed it; you've saved future possible entrants from wandering around in blog purgatory, looking for the elusive "follow" button. my face loves you right back! ;)

@ Jess: thanks so much! how are things going in ar??

@ Amy A: yay thanks for being awesome!

Michele Pacey said...

hi there! great giveaway! i've never attempted these stars but luckily you've got a lovely tutorial (good thinking). thanks so much!

Anji* said...

I am way ahead on the curve of awesome :)

Anji* said...

and I would LOVE to win your cute lucky stars kit :)

geo said...

gimme gimme gimme some stars!
P.S: you are indeed an awesome blogger.

adia said...

nothing like adding to my addiction of paper star making... :) bwahaha
love ur blog! keep up the stoopendous work and crafty crafts!!

TMCPhoto said...

I'm way ahead on the curve of awesome! What a great giveaway! So much fun and something to teach the Peanut to do!

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