Thursday, March 24, 2011

and the winner is...



THANKS so much for hanging out with me and entering the star prize pack giveaway! 
you guys are the BEST TIMES INFINITY. it's true! i know these things.
ok, so the way i picked the winner was this: each entry was assigned a number in the order received, and then i pulled a number out of the cutest panda crochet bowl ever. the roommate was witness to the entire process, which makes it all even more legit. unless you know her. then you know she is completely nefarious. 

so the winner is...



#1! and #1 is alex! yayyy alex! i will be sending along your prize pack shortly. 

hey that was fun, we should do that again sometime. 

anyway, the roommate and i have been trying class up our apartment. we go to our friends' places, and we are envious. we covet their sophisticated furniture, their catalog-like styling and coordinated towels. then we come home to our crazy apartment full of randomness. we keep our bikes in the guest bathroom. there's a giant nylon leaf over the living room couch. sometimes we'll hang up a mosquito net inside because we feel like it.

giant couch leaf

i mean, we try. we bought a stylish bookshelf from ikea, the same one as one of our stylish friends. she uses it to display vases and stemware. we keep canned goods and chips in ours. (it's near the kitchen, it's only practical!) 
we suspect that the problem is that we are obviously not classy girls, and we are both prone to acting on random impulse. we set out to run some errands on sunday and ended up getting distracted by a chinese buffet. we went to ikea tonight with a list of strictly practical necessities. we ended up at the ikea restaurant gobbling swedish meatballs and talking the server into giving us some free macaroni and cheese. then we ended up falling in love with a GIANT potted palm plant. 
do we need a giant potted palm? no.
does it go with anything else in our apartment? no.
did we love it? yes.
is it now happily sitting in our apartment? yes.

at the end of the day, do we regret anything?


hopefully, you all had a regret-free week as well. this weekend i'm off to DC for some cherry blossom adventuring!


Kat said...

Congrats Alex! BTW -- I love the panda bowl and the giant leaf. I think random has a style all it's own and it's boring to be so catalog style. It's you, it's lived in and it's always something to talk about in awkward party situations.

SpiritPhoenix said...

Congrats Alex!

So, where in Michigan did you visit? You mentioned it in your post last week.

Zakka Life said...

I'm sorry I missed this giveaway, looked like a good one.

Love the the panda bowl.

Alex said...

YAAAAY panda-head bowl, for "spitting" out my number!!! =D This wrapped up my weekend quite nicely!!

Quite frankly, I think the cosmos just felt really sorry for me. It just knew I had to somehow get my hands on your fancy star-paper strips. The last time I tried to make stars, I had bought moderately heavy paper (BUT it had such nice colors, I reasoned...), and it all just turned out an awful mess (i.e. fat stars that burst after sticking in a toothpick). My handiwork was akin to someone blind and thumb-less making these little stars. Suffice it to say, the cupcakes went without star picks that evening.

But now... NOW I will be armed with the appropriate materials! Thanks, Alena!!!! I heart you and your blog!

BellsInSpires said...

@Kat - hah! i excel at awkward party situations!

@SpiritPhoenix - i was in grand rapids for work. it was so pretty!

@zakka life - thanks! a friend got it for me in minneapolis! =)

@alex - yay for stars! enjoy the package, lady!!

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