Thursday, March 3, 2011

air dry clay gift tags

so, the first half of this week was rough.  really rough.  my brother must have sensed a disturbance in the force, because i randomly got a package from him in the mail this week.  i tore open the box to reveal something that looked like a giant plush artery.  or a body pillow for an elf.  neither of which i remembered particularly needing.  so i did what one always does when confronted with one of life's mysteries.  i googled it.  turns out, i'm the proud new owner of a WRAP A NAP.  my brother declared it to be the next snuggie.

what is a wrap a nap, you ask?  from the website:

"The Wrap-a-Nap is a long pillow that hugs your head with gentle pressure, giving you the sweet relief of complete darkness, muffled noise and 360 degrees of pillow protection."

still confused?  here is a picture from the wrap a nap's website:


obviously, i will now be dominating the arena of public restroom napping.
side note: when/where would it ever be appropriate/necessary to wear flip flops and a tie? 

the roommate had a friend from texas visiting this week, and we hit the town hard on saturday night.  but before we went out, what did we do?  arts and crafts time, duh.  we found some air dry clay at a craft store downtown, and made gift tags!

cookie cutter tags
materials: air dry clay, mini cookie cutters of the christmas and valentine variety, and a menacing five foot long cardboard tube for a rolling pin (not pictured, sadly).  

my tags
we made a lot of tags.  and some buttons.

once we cut out the tags, we smashed them with leaves and baby's breath. 
clay buttons and flowers

then we got really crazy and embedded wire shapes into them.
lani's tags

while we were making our flat, rectangular tags, the roommate suddenly busted out a monkey with a coffee cup.  it's so freaking cute.
hmh's monkey

what a show off.  

clothespin and claypot
once you have a pile of dried tags, you can just glue them to random things, like clothespins, or mini pin cushions made from tiny terra cotta pots.  ta-daa!

this weekend will more than make up for recent crappiness.  you know why?
because the BF will be in town again.
but also because...
i was lucky enough to get tickets to the SOLD OUT vienna teng concert in philly this saturday!  I'M SO EXCITED.  i actually have to stop typing now because i can't sit still just thinking about it.



Anji* said...

Maybe it was the wearing of tie and flip flops combo which necessitated the emergency nap? have you tried out your wrap a nap yet? just curious..

Love your tags, and that monkey is too cute!

Ann said...

Aw, what a nice brother you have. I take issue with the WAN website calling it "mildly comical" slumbering comfort though... that pic is full-on comical! Adorable little tags and monkey. I'd tell you to have a wonderful time at the concert, but I'm sure there's no need - of course you will!

jesse said...

my air dry clay stuck to everything!? couldn't get clean cuts with cookie cutters!

BellsInSpires said...

hi jesse! that's really weird! was it really moist when you started? what kind did you use? i used crayola brand clay, and it seemed to be fairly nonsticky.

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