Thursday, February 10, 2011

the week of car disasters

it's been an eventful week.  i'm exhausted.

my roomate moved in and the BF came to visit!  it was like a double whammy of happiness!
we ate and explored and had ourselves a grand old time.

the BF leaves to go back to boston.  lame.  two hours after we drop him off at the bus stop, the roommate realizes that she is missing her camera.  we retrace our journey across the city and MIRACULOUSLY find her camera sitting in a puddle, next to the bus stop, unscathed and secure in its case.  much rejoicing was done.
when we return home, she attempts to move her car to a better parking spot on the street.  her car won't start.  no problem! i declare.  we are capable, independent women.  we will jump start her car using my car!  it's a brilliant plan! 
her battery is so far gone that the jump start doesn't work. 
and then my car dies.
so we do the only reasonable thing to do on sunday.
we abandon both cars on the side of the road to go watch the packers win the superbowl.

my car is towed to a new jersey.  eh?
i am riding in the tow truck with my car strapped to the back, and slowly realizing that we are crossing state lines.  i ask the driver: are you sure this is right?  he replies, yes, this is the closest dealership to your house.  oh, and by the way, he continues, i'm going to need $12 for tolls.  in cash.
yes.  of course you will.
my car is dropped off at the dealership, the tow truck driver drives off $12 richer than before, and i go to wait for my rental car.  turns out that they don't have my reservation on file.  i protest.  they apologize and give me the pimpest, most enormous jeep grand cherokee i've ever laid eyes on.  i stop protesting.  i finally get into work at like 2pm, and then spend 15 minutes trying to park the massive rental.

i retrieve my car, and we are reunited!

discover that my car won't go over 45 mph without trying to stall out.
it takes an hour and a half to putt back home from work.

find another dealership (this time in the same state) and drop off my car again.  the only rental available?  a yukon. 
if this trend continues, the next time my car dies, my rental will be an 18-wheeler.  i'll be able to haul freight and smuggle entire countries around town, no big deal.

since it's been so crazy, i've been coming home and mindlessly making things. our living room is covered in tiny paper objects, and none of them go together.

a crazy assortment of paper flowers, stars, quilled hearts, paper fortune cookies, pinwheels, etc.
i'm fairly certain that this is what the inside of my head looks like. 
a hot mess.

chiyogami covered clothespins

not really sure what destiny awaits these guys.
good thing i made 11 of them.

i hope everyone else's week is a little less crazy.  shout out to arkansas, who got slammed with over 2 feet of snow yesterday.  wowza.

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Ann said...

Oh noes... so sorry you've had to cope with car problems - that always ups the stress factor. Glad you were able to play with paper to relax (hopefully). I spied the quilled hearts and folded rose right away! btw, I've been seeing more and more little bottle/vial tutes, but you were the first on the block, you trendsetter you. :)

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