Thursday, February 3, 2011

valentine's day roundup

hello friends!
evidently i am the asian girl version of el nino, because lately, everywhere i go gets pounded by bizarre weather.  first it was philly and thundersnow, and this week it was dallas and the icepocalypse.  i was in dallas for work, and got stranded (like thousands of other people) because of snow.  snow in TEXAS.  i felt so betrayed.  last week it was 70 degrees in dallas, and the day i left it was 19 outside.  really, texas?  thanks a lot.  jerks.
to be fair, apparently 29 states were completely owned by this latest snowstorm.  INSANITY.

so, while i am not the biggest fan of valentine's day (it's all just a big trick!), there are so many CUTE things out there for the "holiday" that i had to share. 

1. hilarious bitter sweet cookies by not so humble
2. valentine lightbulb on design*sponge
3. an AWESOME valentine's day fort by justina at compai creative
no but seriously, how cool would it be to surprise someone with one of these?? 
actually, forget that, i'm building myself one.
4. pretty paper fortune cookies by design. wash. rinse. repeat.
5. lavendar heart satchets on craftstylish
7. heart pom poms on weddingbee

alright kbye.


Anji* said...

Some cute ideas, love the lightbulb and the strawberry heart muffins.. yum.

I love valentine's day, not for the high pressure commercialism but just as a day to celebrate LOVE y'know :)

Erin Fickert-Rowland said...

So sorry about your weather woes- you had me laughing in your post, though! Way to harness the energy into great blogging! I love your Valentine roundup- the tent is very cool. That would be fun, but I am not feeling that industrious. The fortune cookies are adorable!

Martha Winger said...

The fort idea is terrific! I'm sure mine would not be that hip cause I'd be using sheets or something. Come on spring!!!!

kawaii crafter said...

That strawberry heart shortcake is adorable!

Mindi Morrow said...

Actually I felt a little betrayed too and I've lived here my entire life. The weekend before my husband took the dog to the lake and it was 73 degrees.

Love the paper fortune cookies. I'm a fan of fortune cookies and Yogi Tea quotes.

Ann said...

I would LOVE a bite of that shortcake. Hope this week has been kinder to you. Looking forward to seeing what you've made for V-day!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Fabulous roundup!!! I love that light bulb and I must try those fortune cookies. I have a fortune cookie addiction I am afraid. Great post, so glad we have connected.

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