Thursday, February 24, 2011

necklace holder roundup

howdy friends!

i've been in philadelphia long enough at this point that i should have everything unpacked and settled.  but of course, i don't.  i think i can get away with the 'i just moved here' excuse for one more week, max.  then i'll have to think of another story.  let me know if you have a good one.

one of the things i've been trying to find is a necklace holder, and i've been seeing a few really cute options floating around.  the next step is actually making one for myself. 
baby steps. 

you know i don't do well under pressure.

necklace holders

1. aunt peaches version of the necklace board — made from corrugated plastic signs!  she's on a rampage against illegally placed political signs.  free crafting material while cleaning up your neighborhood?  bring it on.
2. i am obsessed with all things tree and tree-like.  and so i love this tree necklace holder thing idea from martha stewart.
3. for me, for you created this piece using some wood she found while happily inebriated.  jackpot. 
4. my friend esther at whollykao made this necklace hanger to accomodate her longer necklaces (necklaces that she makes!).
5. martha strikes again.  how cute is this shadowbox idea?  answer: super cute.
6. design*sponge's shadowbox jewelry holder.  so classy!  i love it.

i hope everyone is having a great week.  found out today that a good friend in new zealand survived the earthquake down there, but her house was completely destroyed.  her husband and puppy also escaped unscathed.  it was such a relief to hear from her. 
it's times like this when getting my car towed doesn't seem so bad.  =)


Ashley said...

I've done something similar to #1, except with corkboard panels covered in fabric. The cork makes it super light to hang up and really easy to re-arrange/re-pin items to it. Hope things are going well in Philly! I don't think anyone ever completely unpacks after moving...

C. Tran said...

Pshhhh, I moved into my new house over a year ago and still have unpacked boxes...good luck!

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