Thursday, January 13, 2011

philadelphia, i think we're going to be great friends.

hello from philly!!

my life is currently a crazy mess.  i am officially in philadelphia, and i'm crashing with a fantastic friend, who puts up with me taking over her living room.  she's the best.  seriously.  she also has a puppy named scrappy, who also tolerates me hanging out on his couch, which i feel is very generous of him.
but i'm officially not homeless starting this weekend, which is super exciting!

my first week's recap in bullet points:

  • start work on monday.  my computer crashes shortly thereafter.  (but good news...they were able to recover everything!)
  • i get lost driving back from work and end up in the sketchiest part of town on accident.  (but good news!  now i know where the sketchy part is!)
  • a freak snowstorm on wednesday closes the office for half a day.  jackpot.
i have a lot to learn about philadelphia.  it is a weird and glorious place.
  • i looked outside the office during lunchtime one day and saw seagulls.  yes, actual seagulls.  frolicking in the snow banks.  i thought i might have had a stroke.  
  • the drivers here are insane.  evidently, stop signs and even red lights are optional in this city.  who knew?
  • the food here is AMAZING.  just like everyone said!  i'm so excited!
and now to leave you with some gems of the internet i'm currently obsessed with:
i can't wait to get all of my things, move into my apartment, unpack my life and explore this city.  it's just one big giant adventure waiting to happen!


Anji* said...

Sounds like an interesting first week in your new city! Were there any pigeons in the sketchy part of town? I bet there were ;)

Now, seagulls, we always have seagulls here in coastal UK, and seagulls are the cheeky opportunists of the bird world, I know of people having food, and ice creams, literally stolen out of their hands by seagulls!! So watch out! And if someone is throwing bread or whatever for the birds, the seagulls like to try and bully the smaller birds but they are a bit stupid and the little birds are quicker and the seagulls don't always win :)
A lot of people round here don't like seagulls but I do :)

Those cookies are amazing! What a great technique for mixing different colours, can't wait to see yours when you make them!

Ann said...

Welcome to the City of Brotherly Love and too funny about the seagulls! We have them in our town also, and their cries make me smile as we're not exactly right on the ocean either. They seem to enjoy hanging out in Border's parking lot for some strange reason. Best wishes on getting settled in without too much stress.

van said...

have so much fun in philly!!

in chicago, we have suicidal pigeons that will fly right at your face and then book it 90 degrees just enough so you duck as youre walking or jump out of the way. not cool.

ps, i love that blog too.

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