Friday, January 21, 2011

i love shoes.

hello friends!

i'm sorry i'm late.
i do not yet have internet at my apartment, and my computer and my camera are currently in an epic fight, hence the delayed posting.

but guess what!  this blog is nearly ONE YEAR OLD. so get excited; big things will be happening around here.
i'm not entirely sure what, but big things. trust me.
when have i ever let you down?
...aside from not posting when i promised?

let's stop all this silly bickering over small details.

anyway, onward.  to the post!

i love shoes. it can probably be classified as a borderline obsession at this point. it is a problem that is entirely inherited, and therefore I had no control over it. you do not fight against genetic imperatives.
so while i do have an absurd amount of shoes, my mother easily beats me ten times over. and she is wholly unapologetic. she knows what she loves.

me: ma, you have eighteen pairs of green shoes within my range of vision right now. isn't that a little bit overkill?
mom: well, you're in the green shoe section of this closet. what do you expect?

me: i bet you don't even know how many pairs you have.
mom: so?

me: ...
good point.
carry on then.

when my brother and i moved out, my parents, in a decision that punched logic right in the face, bought and moved into a bigger house.
because when your family decreases by half, you'll obviously need twice the space.

"it's for when you visit," my mom said. "that way you'll have a place to sleep."
but what she really meant was, i'm using your existance as an excuse to con your dad into getting more closet space.

so while other parents may go through a whole "empty nest" period, and mope around the house missing their kids, my mother shoved my brother and i out the door and promptly replaced us with shoes.
because who needs kids when you have shoes?

now, while my mother lives in a house with eleventy billion closets, i generally do not have that luxury. so i had to come up with an efficient way to store my beloved shoes. since i am currently unpacking, i thought this would be a good time to share.
so come along, and let's go on a shoe unpacking journey.

look, i don't have a problem.  i can quit anytime i want to.

oh, in an effort to explain my crazy pictures, i'd like you to note the following:

- my apartment currently looks like a banana republic barfed up a thrift store that overdosed on cardboard. hopefully this will change soon-ish. but i make no guarantees.
- i discovered that my apartment has no overhead lights two night ago. this discovery led to me purchasing a $7 lamp at walmart and assembling it in the dark last night.
i've been unplugging that lamp and carrying it with me from room to room.

first you'll need a bamboo window shade, and some twine or string.
take some twine and tie some loops onto your bamboo shade, like so:

hang up your bamboo shade.
then just hook the heel of each shoe into a loop.  you'll need one loop per shoe.
see?  a shoe storage/wall hanging thing. 
that's it! no seriously, that's it.

i know.  it's a terrible tutorial with bad lightining and even worse instructions.  but to give you an idea of what i'm working with, please see below.

my "studio"
my $7 lamp.  and my cardboard box + kitchen stool tripod

alright, kbye.


Ann said...

You are a dedicated blogger if I ever saw one! AND you can pull a tutorial out of thin air! Now that's a lot of shoes - very clever way of hiding your obsession by making an art installation out of them. :D

Anji* said...

Hey we all love shoes, I mean it's our right as women isn't it?! Actually my man has almost as many pairs as me, he's a shoe freak too!

I really need to come up with a nifty storage solution for mine, but I have mostly flats and not a lot of heels so I don't think your clever bamboo blind solution will work for me :(

Anonymous said...

Hello Alena - I am what you would call an enabler in an addict's life. I have no moral qualms with away!! - Catherine

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