Thursday, December 2, 2010

texas wreaths and minneapolis snow


i hope everyone had a glorious thanksgiving.  i went back to my beloved state of texas and spent a week lazing around in 75 degree (24 degrees C) weather, only to return to temperatures that are currently hovering around 10 degrees fahrenheit (-12 degrees C).  
i flew back on wednesday, and i don't think i've ever been surrounded by as much agony as when that plane landed and the pilot announced "we'd like to be the first to welcome you to minneapolis, where the current local weather is now 22 degrees..."  everyone on the plane let out a collective groan, and one woman turned to her husband and said what we were all thinking: 
"honey, remind me again why we left texas?"  
her husband had no answer.  he was busy staring at the icy runway and sobbing quietly to himself.

anyway, while in texas, my mother and i entertained ourselves by making an ornament wreath from christmas ornaments and a wire hanger, as seen on eddie ross' website.  (side note: i have no idea who this eddie ross character is, but in his profile picture, he is awkwardly carrying an absolutely senseless amount of autumn produce/pot of flowers while standing against his front door, and it makes me laugh.  end side note.)  i'd seen various versions of these wreaths floating around the internet for awhile, and was determined to see if it really was as easy as everyone says it is.  i am very wary of directions that say things like "and simply bla bla bla and then you're done!"  martha stewart is particularly guilty of oversimplifying directions.  she says ridiculous things like "simply train your neighborhood squirrels to hang your christmas lights for you, and then you're done!" lies, martha.  lies.

so back to the ornament wreath.  essentially what you do is find a wire hanger, fight for 15 minutes to twist it open (not unlike what i imagine wrestling an alligator would be like), give up and hand it over to your father, and then thread a bunch of ornaments onto the wire.  once you've filled up the wire with as many ornaments as will fit, you re-twist the hanger back together, slap on a bow, and incite the immediate envy of all the neighbors!  
while my mother and i had some trouble grouping the ornaments close enough to hide the wire hanger, it really did turn out better than i'd anticipated.

 pile o' ornaments, untwisted wire hanger

threading the ornaments onto our wire hanger


i hung it from a lamp for photo purposes only.  my mother later actually found the perfect spot for it in the house, and it looked glorious, and she will yell at me when she finds out that this is the picture i decided to use on my blog.  hah.

the rest of the time was spent shoving my face with food, teaching my little cousins how to fold paper stars, and shoving my face with food.

ok, off to study.  blargh.


van said...

omg now me & my mommy can have alena-inspired arts & crafts hour when i go back to texas!!

it was 8 degrees when i got back to minny, and i wept the whole time i had to uncover my car from ten inches of snow. :(

Ann said...

Brrrr, I shall not complain about our high of 35. Love your wreath and its perfect bow!

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