Thursday, December 16, 2010

snowpocalypse 2010 and s'mores

hi friends!

this week has been completely psychotic.  i've spent the week in philly trying to figure out what exactly i'm being paid to do, and to find a place to live.  i'm back in minneapolis now (after two delayed flights and lots of snow), no wiser on either of the aforementioned questions. 

plus, this past weekend was snowpocalypse 2010 in minneapolis.  we got nearly 20 inches of snow on saturday.  it was insanity.  i'd never seen that much snow in my life.  not even on tv.  and then the high on monday was 2 degrees.  yup.  awesome.

when people up here hear that i'm from texas, they nod knowingly.  no wonder, their faces say.   no wonder she's acting like a complete idiot in this weather.  then they go on to tell me that they prefer the cold weather to hot weather because "you can always bundle up more, but there's only so much you can take off!" 
ok you know what?
that's why they invented air conditioning.

in texas, it doesn't take me 45 minutes to get ready to go outside.  i slip into my flip flops and prance out the door.  but here, the dog has exploded by the time i'm suited up and ready to go.  warm weather just wants you to relax.  cold weather is out to kill you.
i mean, does summer ever coat the sidewalks with layers of slippery invisible sunshine so that you face plant when you get out of your car?  no.  will huge piles of warmth ever surround my house and force me to dig a passage out of my front door, prison-break style?  no.  will the reliant stadium in houston ever melt because of too much sun??  no. 
in minnesota, if i forget an article of clothing, i might lose a limb.  or die of exposure.  or both.
in texas, if i forget an article of clothing, i might end up on tv.  or get arrested.  or both!  but you know what i'm not doing?  dying.

but, after this weekend, i will admit that snow can be fun.  a little bit.  the absurd amount of snow this weekend threatened to ruin our annual festivus party.  the roommate had roasted a 35 pound turkey to glorious perfection, and i'd made approximately 1,638 jello shots (of varying flavors!).  we'd even cleaned the house.  needless to say, we were forced to cancel the party.  however, in a shockingly awesome move, a few people managed to make it to the house in a four wheel drive, with a snow blower in the car.  they showed up and promptly snow blew themselves a nice little parking space on the street.  then we spent part of the night snow-blowing out trapped cars on the street, and part of the night attempting to sled on a metal pizza pan.  a generous number of jello shots were involved in the latter decision.  "sledding" was cut short when the roommate accidently smashed me into a snowbank and then i accidentally kneed him in the head.  (it was an accident!)  we went hiking down the street and floundered our way down the giant hill of the walker arts museum.  then we were (extremely politely) kicked out of the museum's sculpture garden after a guard saw us giddily wading around in the waist-deep snow.  good times.

the roommate, just relaxing.
after i pushed him over.

since this week was also the last week before people start disappearing on christmas vacation, i made some presents for my office peeps.  otherwise known as co-workers.
i decided that i wanted to make something edible, and then something not edible, package them together, and confuse people.
for the edible portion, i came up with the idea of ready-made s'mores using graham crackers, marshmallow creme and melted chocolate.  i was so proud of myself, until i googled the idea and saw that about eleventy-bajillion other people have already had the same idea.  then i was less proud, but i made them anyway.
for the non-edible portion, i decided to make ornaments from my vast stash of tiny glass vials.  i made some micro-mini paper stars and crammed them into the vials, along with a strip of happy holiday wishes written on gold paper.
then i shoved the s'mores in little plastic sacks, stapled the ornaments to them, and took really terrible pictures for you all.  you're welcome. 

i put almonds on some of the s'mores.  just to be all fancy-like.

some people wanted to eat these, too.
i was tempted to encourage them.

packaged and ready to go.

i hope everyone's week was just as spectacular.  but maybe just a little bit warmer.


Anji* said...

20 inches of snow?! We had about ONE inch today! (south west of england we get cold but rarely proper snow - too coastal) I can only imagine what 20 inches would be like! Mind you the idea of [20 inches of snow + jello shots = silly snow antics] sounds like a lot of fun!

I love your gifts, lucky office peeps! The smores look delish and I LOVE the little star jars :)

Clumsy/Creative said...

I feel for you folks, dealing with all that snow! I am in Pennsylvania and we had mad snow in February, which made me absolutely insane. Looks like you made the best of the weekend though! It looks like it was great fun. I love Smores, so I'm going to try something similar!

Ann said...

Love your classy little vials with the pretty tops and ribbons! Yum - S'mores! Lucky office peeps! So now you'll have a story to tell your grandkids about how you weathered the Minneapolis blizzard of '10 that even did in the Metrodome. Hopefully Philly will behave itself and provide you with a much calmer climate - hopefully, I said - no guarantees!

BellsInSpires said...

@anji: 20 inches of snow is completely absurd. i hope you're staying warm, and happy holidays!
@clumsy/creative: i'll be moving to pa pretty shortly, so it's good to know that the snow is less crazy in that area. i'm excited! =)
@ann: thanks so much! yes, this storm is one for the books. i'm excited for philly - it's very close to delaware! :D

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