Thursday, December 9, 2010

philadelphia and penguins


you know you've lived in minnesota too long when you wake up in the morning, check the temperature, and say to yourself "hey!  it's 17 degrees right now.  not too bad!" 
well, it's obviously a sign, because i have big news!

are you ready??

i'm moving to philadelphia!

i'm being transferred to our philly office, and i'm part really super super excited to explore a new city, and part depressed that i'm leaving minneapolis.  it's like being bi-polar except i'm both extremes at the EXACT SAME TIME.  i'll be moving the second week of january, so it will be a crazy start to the new year.  yay for new adventures!

speaking of new adventures, i also tried a new art form this week: tile mosaic.  a couple friends and i went to mercury mosaics in northeast minneapolis on tuesday night and took one of their classes.  it was fantastic.  for someone who lacks a significant amount of color coordination and overall artistic ability, the class was a perfect intro session.  i don't have pictures of my project (yet) so you'll just have to imagine it in your head for now.  mine looks like an easily distracted care bear decided to take up tiling and then wandered off halfway through. 

anyway.  despite the fact that my life is rapidly approaching complete chaos, i found a project that immediately compelled me to neglect all practical issues and attempt it.  i will now share it with you, in the hopes of dragging down your practical productivity as well. 
at least i'm being honest.

it doesn't include paper, but it does include penguins, so i figured that would be ok. 


aren't they adorable?? 

i will admit: i do not typically eat whole olives, and cream cheese and i are acquaintances, but we aren't really close friends.  so, i can't really endorse how these things actually taste, because i didn't actually try one.  however, i brought them to an ornament exchange party tonight, and no one ralphed up any penguins (to my knowledge) so that's a total win, as far as i'm concerned.

making these things was fairly simple, but they look really involved.  as a result, when you bring them to a party, people will immediately either:
a. be extremely impressed with your clearly superhuman dexterity and boundless cleverness, or
b. wonder what exactly it is you do that enables you to have time to assemble an army of olive penguins, and decide that whatever it is, it probably involves holding a sign next to a highway, and you probably don't pay taxes.

it's very hit or miss.  don't say i didn't warn you.

one can of large olives
(ok, did everyone else know that olives came in cans?  because i didn't.)
one can of small olives
(um...did you guys know that olives came in sizes?  also news to me.)
a large carrot, peeled and cut into rounds
a good sized glop of cream cheese
a plastic baggie (to pipe your cream cheese with)

1. prepare your cream cheese icing piping contraption:
somehow get your good sized glop of cream cheese to go into the plastic baggie.  asking nicely didn't work for me — i had to use a spoon, a butter knife and several paper towels to do this properly.  i am also an idiot.  snip off a bit of one of the bottom corners of the baggie. 

2. make a vertical slice down one side of the large olive.  now pipe some cream cheese into the olive cavity, just enough to somewhat fill up the olive.
see?  now you have your penguin torsos!

3. cut a pie slice out of one of your carrot rounds. 

4. take the pie slice and shove it gently into the opening of the small olive.

5. now stack your carrot round, your penguin torso and your penguin head on top of one another.  skewer the whole situation with a toothpick.

6. assemble an army of penguins and have a photo shoot:
and that's it!
what do you think?  are you clearing your schedule to make these things now??


Theresa said...

Ok, these are the cutest, ever. Love your blog and reading about your adventures. Good luck with your move.
Theresa in Kitimat

Jean at The Delightful Repast said...

Your penguins are adorable! I have a friend who is a collector of penguins - must make these for him ASAP!

We have another friend who lived in Michigan and moved to Minnesota because the Michigan winters weren't long enough and cold enough!

SpiritPhoenix said...

So cute! I may have to make these for a party I'm having tomorrow.

SAR-rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-roma-rome-ma-ma-gaga-oo-la-la said...

The penguins are really cute!

I may have slight issues with spearing them through the head with a toothpick.

Ann said...

Love these! Must make a batch for Christmas brunch - perhaps my little nephew who resists any and all new foods will actually let down his guard and taste one.

Philly! Three words... World Cafe Live. Vienna plays there pretty often! Maybe we can meet up at a show sometime. :-)

Anji* said...

Those penguins are too cute! My son is crazy about penguins! I think he actually likes olives too (I don't)!! Maybe I will make some..

Looking forward to seeing your mosaic :)

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