Wednesday, December 29, 2010

hi from taiwan

hah!  i bet you thought that since i'm in taiwan, i wasn't going to post!  well, joke's on you!  take that!
to be fair, this post is going to suck, but at least i'll make it short.  you're welcome.
my mother and i are staying with my grandfather, who is 98 years old and is still active and capable.  most of the time.  other times, he is a maniac.  the other day, he complained that it was too cold in the apartment, and turned up the heat.  then we realized that he had opened all the windows in the place.  when we asked him why he opened the windows, he just cackled and shuffled off. 
i love taiwan.  love love love it.  when i visit, i try to accomplish only two things: to eat as much as possible, and to purchase ridiculous amounts of absurd crap to take home.  where else can you find kitchen sponges shaped like smiling raindrops?  or scarves shaped like bears?  or fish dumplings shaped like...ACTUAL FISH??  and pandas, and rabbits...and SPONGE BOB??

                                                             so awesome.  and delicious.

my shopping here is done mainly from street vendors, which means haggling.  you quickly become accustomed to lowballing everything on sight.  maybe too accustomed.

me: how much is this shirt?
vendor: 100 taiwan dollars.
me: that is RIDICULOUS.  i cannot believe you are charging so much, how can you sleep at night??  i am completely outraged and am taking my business elsewhere!

then i walk off and realize that i've insulted a stranger's integrity for three dollars.

well, i hope everyone had a fantastic christmas.  happy new year!


Alex said...

I wholeheartedly support your Taiwan to-do list! The one time I went there for a week and a half, I gained a ridiculous amount of weight... with no regrets whatsoever.

Soooooo... is that REALLY a picture of a steaming pot of broth with heads of innocent creatures floating around in it? my gad, you're ruthless. Just think of all the headless bodies now...

The Spongebob dumplings disturb me. Just saying.

Happy New Year to you and your family! Say hi to your mom for me!!

Der. P.D.

Ann said...

Wait... so those are dumplings! My first thought was why the heck is she soaking cookies in liquid?! I will take your word for it that they're delicious, based on the merits of previous posts, of course. :D

btw, am familiar with the cackling to cover up nonsensical decisions... just sayin'.

BellsInSpires said...

hi alex! my mom says hi and happy new year!! ;)

hi ann! hahah the dumplings do look a lot like cookies! cookie soup is not something i have tried...yet. =) and yes, the cackling tactic is extremely effective! i plan on implementing it in my own everyday life.

Anji* said...

Those dumplings are amazing! I love all asian food, and other stuff, anyway!

I really hope I get to visit that part of the world one day...

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