Thursday, November 18, 2010

glass etching and craft festivaling

recent events this week have served to painfully drive home the fact that life is completely unpredictable and wholly uncontrollable, despite how desperately one may wish otherwise.  so if you have someone in your life that you haven't hugged recently ("recently" being within the last 20 minutes) then i really think maybe you should take a break and go hug it out.  no, seriously.  i'll wait. 

ok.  are you back? 
cool.  my turn.

so i've discovered glass etching this week.  of course, when one discovers the wonders of glass etching, what should one do?  have a glass etching party, of course. 


so a bunch of us got together and, using my cricut, some armour glass etching cream and piles of random glassware, whiled away a good six hours.  add some lasagna and old episodes of friends, and you have yourself a pretty fantastic friday night.  so fantastic, in fact, that i'm going to do it again tomorrow!  no, really.  i am.  so if you want to come over, feel free.  but you have to bring your own glassware. 
sorry.  those are the rules.

what else could you want besides a plate that agrees with you?

i have wildly talented and patient friends.

this is my plate.  yes, the giant one that's yelling at you. 
yep.  that's the one.

in other news, i'll be participating in the 9th annual book arts festival this saturday.  i'm terrified.  and the dining room table is currently a disaster.  it's covered in chiyogami paper and glue, bits of string and piles of paper cranes.  i've gone to bed every night this week exhausted and covered in modge podge.  i'm not sure what to expect, but it should be a good time if nothing else. 
in case anyone is interested, it's at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, and starts at 10am this saturday, november 20th.
here are some sneak peeks:

i'm about ready to barf glass pendants.
that would actually be a very lucrative, if rather unfortunate, condition.

i know i'm not supposed to play favorites, but i like these ones the best.

look familiar??  YES.  the glass vials!
i've crammed tiny paper stars into them and made them into pendants.

i also made a few christmas ornaments that i'll try to share next week.  you know why you have to wait until next week?  becuase i'm not done with them yet.  that's why.

and that's what i'm off to go do now.


Ann said...

First off, I'm sorry.

An etching party sounds like a good time for sure. Haven't ever tried it, but would like to.

That's quite a beautiful collection of little lovelies you have there. The tops are the vial pendants are perfect!

Clumsy/Creative said...

I'm sorry. All too often I think we take the hugs (and hugs from people) for granted. Thanks for the reminder. Life is way too short and unpredictable.

I haven't tried the etching with the Cricut yet, but you've piqued my interest! The etchings look amazing.

BellsInSpires said...

ann - thanks so much! it always makes my week when i read your comments!
clumsy creative - thank you thank you! also, etching with the cricut is life-changing. it's rapidly turning into a crazy obsession. my friends are demanding weekly etching sessions. we are probably not right in the head. :)

Shay Fan said...

I wanna buy your barfed up pendants. Virtual hug!

Anji* said...

I have been wanting to try etching glass like forever, looks fun combined with the cricut (also on my wishlist)...

All your goodies look cute, I like the star vials a lot :)

SAR-rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-roma-rome-ma-ma-gaga-oo-la-la said...

Love, love, love your crafty craftiness!
And you are an amazing photographer too, I'm jealous.

I concur, your friends are not right in the head. And I'm glad you love them for it! :)

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