Wednesday, November 24, 2010

cookies and christmas ornaments

hi friends!

you know that thing that people say about having a good attitude, something something, makes things better, something something?  well, it's totally true!
one night, after work, i stopped by the craft store to return some things i'd bought in a crafty frenzy that i later could not rationalize.  so i wait in line at the registers, and very quickly realize that i'd chosen the dreaded cashier-in-training.  my request to return an item was met was a petrified stare and a squeaky apology as she scrambled off to find someone more experienced.  after she returned, the transaction was completed, and i wander off to the christmas ornament aisle.  you know.  just to check things out.  i glance down at my receipt and realize something strange.  i paid $23 for the item i'd just returned, and the squeaky cashier had credited my card $40. 


ok, karma fairy, i think.  you better be on duty tonight.

so i trudge back up to the front of the store.  of course 76 other people had piled in line at that point, so i dutifully choose a line.  and wait.  and wait.  when i get up to the register, i'm greeted by an enthusiastic girl who cheerfully informs me that i have to go back to the register that actually did the return.  we both glance over at the cashier-in-training, who is hyperventilating as she's surveying the line that is wrapping around her station.  she's actually starting to twitch visibly.  cheerful cashier girl bobs her head and chirps, "c,mon, i'll walk you over there!" "uh, i'm not sure my ability to walk over there is going to be the problem here...are you sure that cashier is going to make it?  she looks like she might pass out..." 

but it's too late.  cheerful cashier girl has darted over and starts explaining the situation to the unfortunate cashier-in-training.  the news threatens to send cashier-in-training right over the edge, and my cheerful cashier girl finally realizes that she could be dealing with a category 4 mental breakdown soon.  at this point, the women waiting in line were growing restless.  if you've ever been to michaels on a weekday, right before closing time, then you know that it is NOT amateur hour, folks.  these people are here to purchase last minute materials for a glorious something or other, and they demand efficiency.  the distinct possibility that she might soon have a heart failure patient and a customer mutiny on her hands starts to dawn on my cheerful cashier, and she quickly leads me back to her register. 
"well, it looks like we'll have to figure out a way to do it here!"  after a 7 minute sequence of keystrokes that probably would have been enough to launch a nuclear warhead, the correction is made.  she looks at me and says, "whew!  well at least you figured it out while you were still here in the store, right?  that would be terrible if you didn't find out until you'd gotten home!"


if by 'terrible' you mean that i'd be 17 dollars richer, then yes, you would be correct.  it's about 12 degrees outside right now, aggressively happy cashier girl.  if i had gotten home and realized that you'd done the equivalent of stuff money into my pocket, coming back and returning it would not be high on my list of things to do.  
i'm just saying.

this seem to put her off her game for a split second, but she recovered just in time to bubble "have a great night!!" as i slipped out the door.

so, despite the fact that i'd lost a good 30 minutes of my life, i couldn't even be that disgruntled, because that cashier girl was SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY.  it was as if i'd just encountered a real life elf!  sadly, she was a normal sized person elf-type, and not a diminutive mini-person elf-type.  otherwise i'd have recruited her to make tiny stars for me, per this post.  

my first craft festival was this past weekend, at the MCBA, and it was really fun!  a wonderful glorious friend came to help me set up so i wouldn't get nervous and pass out, and then she helped me man my table so i wouldn't get lonely and sad.  she was fairly invaluable to the success of the day.  we had to leave a bit early, though, because i got really hungry.  oh well.  lessons for next time.  
the best reaction i got was from a woman who walked past, did a double take and said "holy $%$#^&@!"  then she yelled to her husband, "honey!  come take a look at these ornaments!"  
if your work incites profanity at family-friendly events, can there be a more clear sign of success?  i think not.  
pictures of my table:
glass pendants, paper star earrings, resin earrings

mini star jar pendants, headbands, christmas ornaments

 the christmas ornaments were the popular kids at my table.

so today was great because i got to "work from home."  which was awesome.  because i can "work from home" in my pjs.  and i can "do my laundry" whilst "working from home."  i can also "make cookies."  so i did.  lemon shortbread ones.  
i am not a good baker.  and as such, i must have messed something up while making these cookies, because the resulting cookie dough had the consistency of beach sand.  delicious, lemony beach sand.  so i was not able to form the dough into a nice block and slice perfectly rectangular cookies, as is the shortbread custom.  no, i had to pack my lemon sand dough into some random baking cups i'd bought in taiwan a few years ago.  in the end, they turned out ok.  i am very proud of myself.

before the oven:
after the oven!

have a happy thanksgiving, everyone!  travel safe and eat lots.  i'm headed back to my beloved texas, where i can bask in weather that's a good 60 degrees warmer than here.  


Anonymous said...

Trying to throw us off by posting a day early, huh? Nice try, but didn't fool me.

Anji* said...

I can see why the ornaments were popular, they are cool :)

Clumsy/Creative said...

I love the ornaments, they are lovely! And as someone who works in retail (and has worked at mass-market craft stores before) I can only imagine the mayhem you experienced!

kasthurirajam said...

lovely ornaments

Ann Martin said...

Ahhh, the perils of Michaels and new cashiers. Love the crane ornaments! So I hope the double-take woman took some of your beauties home?! Little bear face cookies = sweetness.

BellsInSpires said...

@anonymous - man, you are quick. i'm impressed. and slightly concerned. but only slightly. more impressed.

@anji and kasthurirajam - thanks so much! having international blog friends makes me feel so special =)

@clumsy/creative - yeah, the crazy people really start coming out this time of year. it's pretty awesome.

@Ann - hi! yes, the double-take woman actually bought two! i was so flattered. she was great.

Anonymous said...

i have one of those loverly crane ornaments on my tree too! My mom was a big fan!

BellsInSpires said...

@anonymous - yay! i'm glad your mom liked it =)

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