Thursday, October 21, 2010

a quick card how-to

hello there.
this weekend was another wedding, this time in san angelo, texas.  i do love texas.  the weather was gorgeous, the wedding was beautiful, and a good time was had by all.  
hope everyone’s week is going well.  mine could be better, but who cares, right?  i sure don’t.  it’s just setting an easier baseline to comp next week.  
it’s getting close to halloween, and i was trolling around the internets for some good old fashioned DIY costume inspiration.  one of the ideas i came across lured me in with the words “anyone can make this from things found around the house!”  
the directions then proceeded to call for “2 large hat boxes.”  

now.  i am a professional hoarder.  i can pack rat with the best of them, and i take a certain twisted pride in having random things around my house.  
a red wagon?  check.  
about 18 reams of random paper?  yup.  
a box of vintage sequins?  check. 
roughly 42 assorted lunch boxes in colors and sizes meant for toddlers?  check.
a piano?  check.  
motorcycle helmet?  check.  
a hat shaped like a panda?  ok yes, but who doesn’t?  please.
but a hat box?  let alone two hat boxes.  i don’t even think i’ve seen one in real life.  
anyway, the reason i am a pack-rat hoardmeister is because when i see something that has crafty potential, i purchase it regardless of my current schedule.  while most people are plagued by the problem of starting projects and never finishing them, i am plagued by the problem of buying projects and never starting them.  well -- that’s overly negative.    i just start them years later.  i like to see it as planning ahead.  after all, when i win the lottery and retire before 30, i’m going to have a lot of time on my hands.  
today might be a perfect example of my completely irrational purchasing compulsions.  i stopped by ax-man surplus after work today and bought this guy:

yes, this guy!

....and 637 of his closest friends.  

a whole ARMY of mini glass vials!

and look, i’m learning how to add some scale to my pictures!
no, wait maybe if i stand the penny up.

now it looks like the mini vial is being modest.  

ok so i'm still working on this whole scale thing.  

anyway, i figure i’ll burn through at least 144 of these things before i start running out of ideas.  just think of all the possibilities!!  
as i was paying for my absurd pallet of glass vials, the cashier looked at me and casually said, “you know, the only people who buy these are drug dealers, but you don’t seem the type.”
uh, thanks?  
and wait, was that a joke? i going on some sort of government list?

let’s just move on.
i learned how to make a card that’s so easy even a blind monkey could do it.  it also takes like 14 seconds to assemble.  ok, now i’m just over-promising.

first, the ingredients:
a piece of colored cardstock about 4” wide and 12” tall
(one side of my paper is purple, and the other side is green)
a piece of ribbon (approximately 18.547 inches long)
a piece of plain white cardstock about 3.5” wide and 5.5” tall
a bone folder or reasonable facsimile
a ruler

1. very carefully, have your blind monkey lay the colored cardstock vertically on the table.  measure 6 inches from the top, and score a horizontal line using the bone folder.  
2. then measure 2 inches from the bottom and score another horizontal line.

3. fold the paper in half (along the scored line), then fold again along the 2 inch score line.  
feel free to refer to the picture because my ability to give clear directions is being severely hampered by sleep deprivation.

4. now lay your card on top of the ribbon as shown.  tie the ribbon in a knot, securing the card into an envelope-like structure.

5. slip your white cardstock into the pocket you've just created.  you're done!

go nuts, make a whole bunch!  they are perfect for all occasions: birthdays, groundhog days, promotions, evictions, the list goes on and on.  people will be so impressed with you.  

alright i'm out.


Ashley said...

oh. my. god. I gasped out loud when I scrolled down to see ALL the vials you bought! You're kinda crazy :o) Love the cards!

alanhchiang said...

WTF. How long did it take you to put those bottles in your basket? 638? Really?!

Anonymous said...

I got snot on my computer screen when I saw all those glass vials! You're so funny. I'm sure they could be made into some type of wedding favor. Ooh...I could give out drugs! Heart- your ex-homie

BellsInSpires said...

ashley: hah yes, i'm probably insane. ;)
dd: no dude, that pallet of mini vials is SHRINK WRAPPED for purchasing convenience!
homie: i actually thought of you when i bought these guys because they would be such cute favors! still thinking, finding ideas...

Ann Martin said...

Ha! I enjoy you and look forward to your weekly posts. :-) Am trying to think of a use for the vials and am coming up empty, but I'm positive you have something fabulous in mind. Cute cards!

Anji* said...

Are you me? on the 'hoarding and buying things for projects you might possibly do, one day, in 10 years or something' front anyway?! I do this all the time! and get told off for it too, mind you our house is close to overflowing with said hoardage..

Can't wait to see what other mini treasures you come up with to fill all those vials.. oddly enough I've just been looking online for some vials myself, I wanted to faux-mercury-glass the inner of some and turn them into tree decorations, and I thought some could have other fillings like seed beads or glitter or whatever for more tree decorations..

Anonymous said...

Hi I need some glass vials for a project I am doing. I only need 10 however. :) Could I purchase them at ax-man? Are they expensive?

BellsInSpires said...

Hi Jenessa,
Yes! you can totally get them at ax man if you're in the twin cities area. they have lots of different sizes and they are super inexpensive even if you buy them one at a time. plus, if you buy 12 of anything, you get the 13th one free! best place ever. let me know if you have any other questions!

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