Thursday, October 7, 2010

los angeles and paper trees

this weekend's adventure was in sunny california, in los angeles. i know people hate on it, the traffic is too miserable, the people are too beautiful, the palm trees are too tall, etc etc, but i still love L.A. it makes me happy just being there. i boarded the plane on friday night and sat next to a french guy who was living in minneapolis, learning english and working. his days were spent with his host family, all living expenses were paid, and he got the weekends to party. essentially, he had found a way to study abroad after graduation. SO GENIUS.

once we landed, i met up with my beloved ex-roommate and we went to katsuya, the most amazing japanese restaurant ever. as we finish stuffing our faces with food, who walks into the restaurant but my french friend from the plane! of all the restaurants in the entire city, we randomly end up at the same place on the same night. ridiculous.

the next day we went to venice beach for people watching and shopping. in L.A., 'venice' is italian for 'crazy people.' we saw a guy riding his bike backwards, an old wrinkly man gyrating on a bench wearing some sort of crotch turban, a dude bench pressing two bricks attached to a metal pole, and a mural composed entirely of eyeballs, monsters and an extremely concerned chicken. we also saw a man with three metal wheels attached to each shoe, wearing a full feather headress, playing an electric guitar.

i'm not going to lie.
it was better than disneyland.

we went to little tokyo, stopped at my friend's art gallery nucleus, went to a sevens denim warehouse sale (super awesome) and took random pictures with bike racks. i experienced chicken and waffles for the first time, sat behind [who we suspected was] stanley kubrick and discovered the mini giraffe commercial.  

but the highlight of the trip was dinner on saturday night. 
we went to the bazaar by jose andres, at the SLS hotel in hollywood.  here is our dinner, in graphic form:

starting from the top left and moving across:
1. tortilla de patas "new way" - potato foam (!), soft cooked egg and carmelized onions, served in AN ACTUAL EGG SHELL
2. tuna ceviche and avocado roll 
3. beef hanger steak - omnomnom
4. watermelon tomato skewers
5. rum frozen with LIQUID NITROGEN, mixed tableside!
6. cotton candy fois gras - on a stick.  no joke.
7. philly cheese steak on 'air bread' - explosions of magical deliciousness
8. lamb tenderloin - so.amazing.

i may dream about that meal for the rest of my life. 

because i love paper, and because i love trees, i find eve duhamel's paper trees to be utterly fantastical.
tell me these aren't the cutest freaking trees you've ever laid eyes on.
you can't, can you??  because they totally are! 

she made these for a creative agency in london.  and i love them.

ok, i have to go pack for this weekend's travel adventure. 
sweet dreams and paper trees, people. 


Anji* said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend.. awesome food for sure!

Those paper trees are pretty cute!

CarolAnn said...

I must be missing something. Stanley Kubrick is dead.

BellsInSpires said...

Haha! maybe he's like Elvis??

Ann Martin said...

You have quite the jet-setting lifestyle lately - great coincidence with French Guy! That commercial is hilarious. Philly cheese steak on air bread? I hope a restaurant in Philly gets the recipe. Speaking of explosions of color, Eve's site is a colorful one - cute trees!

Jenny said...

i was at this sls hotel in LA this summer and saw hulk hogan. yes, ma'am.

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