Thursday, October 28, 2010

glass vials: the revenge

so. since the last post, i have been many fielding questions regarding my sanity/lack thereof, which is fair. the issue lies within the fact that where normal people see 638 itty bitty tiny pieces of ridiculousness, i see only POSSIBILITY. i will now illustrate using a collage i created in powerpoint. because i don’t know how to create a collage any other way, despite the fact that i own a mac, and supposedly those things eat pictures and poop photoshop.

perhaps more aptly named: collage of really sweet ideas that i found on the internet

starting at the top and moving counter-clockwise:
1. a conga line of mini terrariums from TortoiseLovesDonkey on etsy
2. mini spice vial wedding favor/namecard holder on style me pretty
3. mini terrarium earrings from WarmClountryMeadows on etsy
4. terrarium trio from TortoiseLovesDonkey on etsy
5. lone mini terrarium, looking pensive while perched on riverstones from design*sponge
6. mini terrarium necklace from doodlebirdie on etsy
7. rainbow crane necklace from PaperPeaches on etsy

the rainbow crane necklace is by far the most impressive thing i've seen in my mini vial fact finding adventures.  it's eight mini cranes crammed into a glass vial.  that is just insane.  let's be honest for a hot second: there are times when you are flipping through pages of etsy and you think, please.  i could totally make this myself.  blindfolded and while eating dinner. 
and then there are times when you find something and you are like HOLY MOTHER OF CRAP you have got to be freaking kidding me.  when i found this, i had one of the latter moments.  this girl is either magic or has employed an army of elf-like creatures to do her bidding.  i suspect it may be a little of both.  (because how do you employ elves to do your bidding without magic?  that just doesn't even make sense.)  i'm still floored everytime i look at that necklace. 


this week (like most weeks) has flown past.  i did some volunteering at the MCBA last night, which sounds more altruistic than it actually was.  it was a wine and cheese tasting, with exhibitions of book art in the gallery.  snacks plus book arts?  yes, please.  free ninety-free?  even better.  but what i really love about these events is the crowd that they attract.  most of the attendees present were board members or people somehow affiliated with the MBCA organization.  then you have randoms (like me).  as a result, you get the most eclectic mix of people ever to hang out in one room.  there were men dressed in impeccable pin-striped suits.  women in cocktail dresses and heels.  then there was a guy wearing a button down shirt tucked into windpants.  with a tie.  and i definitely saw a homeless person wandering around, munching on cheese and smuggling crackers into her bag.  so awesome.

in other news, it snowed this week. 
i reacted by booking a trip to miami in february. 
what's up now, minneapolis??

it's way past my bedtime.  happy halloween, people!


Ann said...

All of the projects are wonderful, but oh my yes, the cranes, the cranes! I hope you'll take a stab at making a vial of them.

Anji* said...

OMG I just took a spy at that cranes necklace and PaperPeaches other work too.. definitely elves at work in Toronto!

Also you made me LoL about the homeless person and cracker-smuggling :)

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