Thursday, October 14, 2010

boston and TP pumpkins

i spent this past weekend in boston, visiting the bf, who is enjoying himself very much out there.  to everyone who tries to tell me that getting an MBA is two straight years of partying, you are all dirty liars.  after seeing the number of cases they burn through in a week, i mentally barfed.  discreetly, of course.  because i am nothing but lady-like. 
boston is a beautiful city, i love it.  the campus is gorgeous, the weather was nice, and the bf took me shopping!  he also got me frozen yogurt, and stocked the fridge with capri sun for the weekend.  i'm high maintenance like that. 

but the best thing we saw in boston?
[this is saying a lot, becuase we definitely saw a pirate riding the T, and a dude strolling through harvard square on stilts.] 
hahah so awesome!

anyway, lately i've become preoccupied with toilet paper tubes.  you know, the cardboard tube that gets tossed after the toilet paper is all used up.  the roommates and i seem to discard a ton of them, and i've been thinking about what a waste it is.  (in a slightly related aside, i had a pygmy hedgehog in college that would play with TP tubes for days on end.  seriously.  days.)  much to the bemusement of the roommates, i've started stockpiling them.  and making pumpkins with them.  pumpkins that i will now share with you.  and then you can stockpile TP tubes, too. 
or not. 
i mean, you know.
it's whatever. 

pile o' materials:
1 TP tube
orange paint
some sort of paint application device
an awl (a sharp pointy object, not a grumpy feathered creature)
a 6" piece of green wire
(you can't see him in the picture, but he's there.  he's just photo-shy.  and really skinny.)
1 green piece of paper cut into some sort of leaf-like shape*

*this piece may seem optional, but it is not.  you will see why at the end. 
[end dramatic foreshadowing]

1. cut your TP tube into rings that are 1/2" wide.  you'll need 3 rings per pumpkin. 

2. paint the TP rings orange using your paint applicator of choice.

3. now fit the 3 rings into each other. 
i don't know how to actually explain that, just look at the picture and copy it:

4. using your awl, pierce a hole through the intersections of your 3 rings.  once at the top and once a the bottom:

5. insert the green wire and bend it into an L shape at the bottom of the pumpkin:

6. flip the pumpkin over and thread the green piece of leaf-like paper onto the top of your pumpkin:

7. curl the remaining end of the green wire to anchor the pumpkin together, all fancy-like.
and you're done!

do you want to see why the green leafy part is CRITICAL to the construction of this pumpkin?
a leafless pumpkin. 

see??  it looks completely ridiculous.  naked, even.  if you omit the green leafy part, your pumpkin will be ridiculed by your roommates and mocked by the other, more appropriately dressed pumpkins.  so please.  be responsible.  and dress your pumpkins. 
so, what does one do with mini pumpkins made from toilet paper tubes? 
make them into namecard holders and throw yourself a dinner party. 
and invite me. 
alright, time to pack for this weekend.   


Anonymous said...

Bells in spires nation:

The greatest thing about these pumpkins is their durability! I was suckered into this relationship through a strategic series of small paper gifts that I thought were hand-made with love. Turns out there is clearly a small factory involved but all the gifts have survived and the pumpkin is still chugging along two years later.

Also - I don't know how she failed to mention this but we saw a group of nerds playing quidditch in boston common as well. FYI: yes I know they were nerds, I can call them nerds BC it takes one to know one. I have been reading about trading carbon credits until we both realized what was going on in less than 5 seconds. NerdAlert!

~ the bf

Anji* said...

You are kicking ass with those pumpkins ;)

I like them a lot, shame I didn't get here in time for before Halloween, ah well there is always next year..

If you haven't already, you should really take a look at
Michele makes the most awesome flowers and all kinds of amazing stuff from TP tubes and all manner of recycled materials..

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